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Adventures in digging through the virtual crates, no real theme for today as I don’t seem to have been suitably inoculated against Hip House and the trip through Deep Heat & Warehouse Raves is a dangerous place for the unwise.

Firstly, and in the running for some of the worst crimes against children’s television, Eurobop featuring the Rainbow Crew : Raynboe.

There’s a video interview with the Rainbow crew over at youtube which talks about why they did it, but I think Shaun Ryder probably slipped Zippy a little something when they appeared on The Word.

Following this with something potentially even more terrible, Jeff Wayne – Eve of The War (Ben Liebrand Deepspace remix), from the musical version of War Of The Worlds featuring Richard Burton, Phil Lynott and David Essex among others. As a snapshot of 70s pompous rock, it’s fascinating if somewhat dated. This version from the early 90s manages to miss the point completely dressing it up in a silly beat.

E-Zee Possee featuring Dr. Mouthquake – Love On Love, after my post last week about E-Zee Possee a few folk mentioned this. I’m not sure it was the version I had as I’m sure there was a release credited solely to Mouthquake, but this is the only one I can find so far.

Genaside II – Narra Mine : The last two and a half minutes were so ahead of their time it’s astonishing.

Rhythm Controll – My House : Most folk would probably have associated the vocal from this with Fingers Inc. – Can You Feel It, but this vocal predates that by a couple of years. There are a couple of vinyl copies of this up on discogs for a few quid.

The Residents – Kaw-Liga (Housey mix), IIRC remixed by the Moody Boys who may or may not have had Jimmy Cauty as a member at this time.

Cybersonik – Backlash : An early Richie Hawtin / John Acquaviva project.

Mandy Smith – I Can’t Wait. Yes, that Mandy Smith. Mandy was a vector for the appearance of Balearic Beat and eventually Acid House et al. in the press due to her previous old man nobbing and getting in the papers credentials.

Marva Whitney – Unwind Yourself, sampled by DJ Mark the 45 King for The 900 Number. I think I mentioned it before, but the 900 Number was a popular dancefloor hit and was picked up for release in the UK after having been a massively popular import for a while. It was remixed by DMC world mixing champion Chad Jackson who went on to stuff the remix full of samples, and it was eventually released under his name and bearing very little resemblance to the stripped, hypnotic original.

Tons of stuff labelled Balearic on ebay.

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