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Break For Love reappears in the first track of Warehouse Raves 2, sampled by Quartz – Meltdown. Listening back to this, the best description I can give it is mundance, a word seemingly just invented by my fingers which sums it up quite well. And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with Van Morrison. Following this is a cover of the perennial Tainted Love by Impedance, of which the last 30 seconds are probably of most interest with a sultry female spoken vocal closing it out. There are a load of version of this track, with the best known likely to be the Soft Cell version. My favourite is probably the version by Electronicat which I posted a while ago.

The first time I heard this album I found the inclusion of the next track to be quite out of place, but moreso because I expected an album of underground dance music, and was kind of taken aback by Gil Scott-Heron – The Bottle. I’ve since come to appreciate the funkier side of things in these 20 or years, but at first I didn’t enjoy this track. Or the following one for that matter, AC Fax – Eventide is a kind of mid eighties sounding instrumental with a choral like synthesized element to it. Things improve slightly with Droid – Hipnosis, a knock-off of I Feel Love with a cheesy piano over the top of it, but compared to the first Warehouse Raves compliation this isn’t really letting me hear anything I’d want to listen often.

Passing over the somewhat forgettable Rico – Spring Rain & DJ Lelewel – House Piano next up are Stardust – Love Will Find a Way and Blaze – If You Should Need a Friend, both of which are reasonably good garage tracks. The Blaze track especially sounds fairly recent, but time hasn’t been entirely kind to Stardust. The less said about Snowboy’s House of Latin the better as Snowboy is part of the Acid Jazz movement and I’m not entirely fond of much that came out of that other than the Weatherall remix of Galliano’s Skunk Funk and the Sandals. To be fair, the Sandals do make it all worthwhile.

Towards the end now, Landlord featuring Dex Danclair – I Like It is fairly interesting for it’s use of the rave stab, the last 50 seconds or so of this track probably forming the basis of a large number of Altern 8 tracks. Also, the name Dex Danclair makes me think of a superhero villain. Following this are Adonte – Dreams, a fairly innocuous piece of house music and the bizarre Ralphi Rosario I Want You, which has a horridly fake English accent to begin with and is just an uncomfortably dated piece of music.

Warehouse Raves on ebay, interesting to note there are 8 volumes of this. I was only previously aware of 5.

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