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As promised, it’s Rave Piano time!

Bizarre Inc. – Playing With Knives
Cubic 22 – Night In Motion
Mrs Wood – Joanna

Right, enough of that. I was looking for things that had Pianos, and then I got kind of bored of doing that and just picked a couple of things that caught my eye instead.

DJ Misjah & DJ Tim – Access

Last Rhythm(Sure Is Pure remix) & Brothers Love Dubs – The Mighty Ming(Brothers In Rhythm remix) : Thanks to Derrick May I can’t spell Ryhthm. Or Derek.

Dreadzone – Zion Youth(Underworld remix).

Technohead – I Wanna Be A Hippy & GTO – Elevation(Troll) : RIP Lee Newman.

Deja Vu – Why? Why? Why?(Rolo’s(sic) Woodentops 93 mix) : Rollo is Dido’s brother unless I’m mistaken, but discogs seems to muddy this up a bit.

Atlantic Ocean – Waterfall : I mentioned this recently(I think). and was kind of pleased to see it among a cache of CDs.

Adventures in mis-spellings on ebay.

I did say I was originally intending a few words about EON & Depth Charge, then I was overwhelmed by work issues and kind of put it on the back burner for a while, but someone did remind me I was going to do so.

Ahem. Ahhrrmm.

I came initially to the worlds of the aforementioned via Spice, a Dune sampling bleep fest. Along the way J. Saul Kane seemed to get custody of the movie sampling stuff and EON with the bleeps and the serious techno.

Eon went on to work with Baby Ford, who is one of my most favourite artists, and J. Saul Kane kept on with the B Movie sampling beaty workouts.

Kind of like a divorce, but where one gets the car and the other gets the speedboat. And both the car and the speedboat have side mounted guns. No-one really loses.

EON – Basket Case(Micky Finn Chillage remix)
EON – Spice (Juan Atkins Lo Power Mix)
Depth Charge – Goal!
Depth Charge – Shaolin Buddha Finger

There you go, that’s a few words. I’m listening to the version of Sex, Sluts & Heaven that is apparently from Lust, and I’m fairly sure it’s not the same version that is on Trance Europe Whatever it is. I can’t check right now as the CD vault is in the same room as my sleeping wife, and lumbering into the room to try and find a CD doesn’t usually elicit a welcome. Also, I note the “depth charge” sample sounds as if it is similarly source to the “westside!” sample in the track, and it is used in the Star Wars Gangsta flash animation thingy I’ve seen a few times on the Internet.


Bizarre Inc. – Such A Feeling (EON’s Ascension)
Dreadzone – Little Britain (Eon Mix)
Sabres of Paradise – Tow Truck (Depth Charge remix)
Meat Beat Manifesto – Acid Again (Depth Charge remix)
Red Snapper – Son of Mook (Depth Charge remix)

Depth Charge items on ebay.

Fader Gladiator – Battle of the Planets

If only one person out there is listening to Goal as a result of this, everyone wins.

Tomorrow, “Now that’s what I call rave/piano crossovers!”

Or maybe Tackhead.

Yer teas oot.

I didn’t really put much thought into naming this place, it was only really intended as somewhere to amuse myself while I slacked off working for my previous employer. Audio.out it was as I was probably playing with a headphone jack at the time and the thought process likely came from that. The globalvariables part of it was from one of those eureka moments where I had what I thought was a great idea for something that I can’t seem to find the time to work on, but maybe one day I’ll get that back on track.

I do have a bad habit of leaving myself notes late at night that make very little sense in the light of morning. For instance, I wrote a brief note to myself last night as a draft post with only the content “Slowdown, planes, pains & poppers” and I’m hard pushed right now to figure out what exactly that is supposed to mean. I daresay that at somepoint in future I’ll realise what the hell I’m talking about and there will be a post that contains those words other than this one, but don’t hold your breath.

A few months ago I had delusions of grandeur about expanding the sort of content that I have, and I thought I could keep the .out suffix to draw a ring around it all while using a more descriptive suffix for the type. I considered creating other wp installations under the /xxx.out/ convention such as video.out for television, line.out for writing, vga.out for gaming, etcetera., but in the end it seemed kind of stupid to complicate things in such a fashion and to be honest I was only going to write something to bemoan the lack of DVD release for the Play For Today Just A Boys Game and maybe something about Miracleman, the Alan Moore comic. I may still do something about Miracleman in future, but Just A Boys Game was released on DVD last year and I somehow missed that. I do like line.out though, it’s got a nice ring to it. I’ll keep that one for the few times I write about perverts in gaudy costumes.

The only thing I want to say further about Just A Boy’s Game is related to the title of this post, I don’t know if there is an entry in the fictionary that is Urban Dictionary as it’s generally full of nonsense anyway, but my understanding of “Yer Teas Oot” is that it is a directive that it is time for you to go home and have your tea*. In the context of the play, it’s a threat towards one of the characters to suggest that he is outclassed and should give up the ghost.

* Tea in this case being the early evening meal in the West of Scotland. Dinner was usually the meal of lunch time and as such the dinner bell would ring at 12 or thereabouts at school.

Anyway, enough of that. Today’s soundtrack is mostly from Paul Oakenfold’s early works before he went all trancey and boring.

Happy Mondays – Hallelujah(Oakenfold and Weatherall remix) : Along with Primal Scream’s Loaded where the rock/dance crossover began.

Solid Gold Easy Amex ft. Red Box – Enjoy : “I love this record!” Very much the epitome of the Ibiza sound of the early 90s.

Robert Owens – I’ll Be Your Friend : Issued on the Perfecto label, one of the greatest voices in House. I *think* this is the Def Zone remix, but I mangled the tags on a couple of the remixes and I’m not so certain now.

Lost – The Gonzo : Steve Bicknell’s Lost project was a bit of an odd one, there’s this which wouldn’t have been all that out of place on Warp Records, and then there is Technofunk which is kind of an answer record to a Frankie Bones track and sounds really dated these days. Again, issued on Perfecto.

The following aren’t really related other than the Ibiza connection, but I found them again while trying to track down The Gonzo.

BBG – Sn/appiness : This is the original version, but this and other tracks were saddled with vocals and raps to ensure they were compatible with Radio 1’s playlist back in the days. This had a vocal called Sweet Inspiration layered over the top of it, which wasn’t that bad. Other examples of oddness are the FPI project Rich In Paradise which ended up with a Whoo Yeah version of Going Back To My Roots, and my favourite T99’s Anasthasia which had a completely ham fisted rap on it for Top of the Pops.

Audio Deluxe – 60 Seconds : Built around an Ennio Morricone sample.

Sensurround – Blind Faith : I was asked for this one a while ago, but I forgot to post it. Sorry!

Perfecto items on ebay.

I was once friends with a fellow named Bill who had decided to get into DJing for whatever reasons and bought a load of Hardcore & Ravey discs from 23rd Precinct. I had a notoriety as a trainspotter and he had previously come to me for identification of a few tunes from “A Short Film About Chilling”, and we hung out for a while after that.

Anyway, trying to think back to the initial batch of records he bought I remember EON – Spice in particular, Hardcore Uproar’s* High On Hope, Looney Tunes Just As Long As I Got You, Digital Boy – Gimme A Fat Beat, N-Joi’s Phoenix EP and one that I could have sworn was Chicane’s Offshore, but this would have been 4 or 5 years before it actually saw a release on something other than a white label. Not impossible, mind, but kind of unlikely. I’m now a bit puzzled what that track actually was as I have an imprint of it in my mind, and I can hear Offshore.

It may also have been a bit of a mix-up with Atlantic Ocean’s Waterfall as my brain seems to be linking these tracks together for some reason, but on further investigation, it seems to have been Off-shore’s toy pianotastic I Can’t Take The Power which doesn’t really bear any resemblance to Offshore but I’ve somehow crossed those stream in my mind. I love discogs for helping me to clarify this via the following thread, my half remembered fuzzy memories can be made into nonsensical ramblings on a website with a soundtrack by some mentalist europeans that probably work in banks or something these days.

I was actually intending to write about EON and Depth Charge and not the rest up there, but here we are at the end of a few paragraphs and I haven’t really touched on that subject, so I’ll maybe keep that for another day.

Oh, and before I go, a couple of requests from last week. A repost of the Weatherall remixed The Drum, by The Impossibles, and a track from Mark Stewart’s self titled album called Stranger Than Love which was mentioned in context of an older Bristol post. There is also a dub version of the track.

* I had always though that Hardcore Uproar was the guy from Together that wasn’t killed in a motorcycle accident in Ibiza who then took the name of their previous hit as a band name. According to discogs this isn’t the case and it’s kind of interesting to get closure for something as trivial as that by accident.