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I probably posted most of this compilation when I previously mentioned Hip House as it’s a strong theme on this album, so I’ll try to avoid the obvious tracks.

Humanoid – Slam : A fairly ropey Hip House entry, the sample at 3:01 is especially cringeworthy in the context of the rest of the track.

Sterling Void – Runaway Girl : Sterling Void’s It’s Alright was the first mp3 I posted here, although I’ve since deleted that post as there wasn’t much substance to it, and it outlined a version of this site that isn’t really what it turned out to be. In a similar fashion to yesterday’s Style Council track, It’s Alright was covered by the Pet Shop Boys and also remixed by Sterling Void. Similarly, the Pet Shop Boys covered Raze – Break For Love which I should probably have posted yesterday as the original was also on the first volume of Deep Heat, but I’ve only just remembered about it as I type this, so it goes in today.

Stop The Violence – Self Destruction : Stop The Violence was a rap supergroup consisting of KRS-One, Stetsasonic, Kool Moe Dee, MC Lyte, Just-Ice, Doug E. Fresh, Heavy D, Chuck D, Flava Flav & Ms. Melodie which called for a halt to the fighting between gangs. I don’t think any of these artists are particularly active these days other than Flava Flav propping up Channel Zero as a cartoon of himself. One of the more surreal experiences of my life was while shopping with a girlfriend at the time of Public Enemy playing in Glasgow and spotting Flava Flav in Topshop rummaging through the women’s underwear.

She Rockers – On Stage : I fondly remembered this track due to a great sound in it, and I recently found the sample came from a track called Hot Wheels(The Chase) by a group called Badder Than Evil, a band consisting of Al Elias and Angelo Badalamenti. The She Rockers were support for De La Soul when they toured to promote Three Feet High and Rising. Unfortunately De La Soul’s complex sample laden breakthrough album did not translate very well to a live show, and it came across more as a PA than a tour.

Orange Lemon – The Texican : One of a number of Todd Terry projects from his particularly productive early years, this and the flip side Dreams of Santa Anna are based on the oft sampled Babe Ruth track The Mexican.

Turntable Orchestra – You’re Gonna Miss Me : An early crazy stalker tune preceding Lil Louis’ I called U. I was somehow led to believe that Turntable Orchestra was also responsible for the techno of TTO’s Turntable Overload, but they seem so stylistically different that it’s hard to resolve this as true.

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