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Some of you may have noticed a reference here once or twice to something called Deep Heat, this was a series of compilation albums released by the label Telstar covering the broad brush strokes of House Music in the early 90s. It was a fairly good place to keep up with the sort of music that was hovering around the edges of the charts, and as a document of the time it is only really matched by the Rumour Records series Warehouse Raves. It does have some incredibly bad moments, and I’ll try to steer a course though those.

Todd Terry – Bango (To The Batmobile) : Sixties Batman sampling silliness. : This is one of my first House music memories, although hearing it now it’s pretty poor stuff. Much better of his output at the time was Weekend, notable if for no other reason than it was the tune playing when Brian Tilsey was stabbed to death outside a nightclub on Coronation Street.

Sugar Bear – Don’t Scandalize Mine : In my mind I had this somewhere between Toni Scott’s “That’s How I’m Living” and KC Flightt’s Planet E as a single track with a weirdly rambling Hip House rap over Talking Heads’ Once In A Lifetime.

Joe Smooth – Promised Land : later covered by the Style Council and remixed by Juan Atkins.

Petula Clark – Downtown ’88 : An odd one this, presumably inspired by the JAMMs’ Down Town from the preceding year.

Humanoid – Stakker Humanoid (Snowman Mix) : I was going to post my Humanoid anecdote, but I’ve already done that in an older post and it’s not really that interesting.

I don’t think these were part of the series, but I found them during the search.

Technotronic – Rockin’ Over The Beat (Rockin’ Over The Manchester Hacienda remix) : Remixed by Bernard Sumner.

Paul Rutherford – Oh World(Morales Universal Club remix) : Someone asked about an acid remix of this, but I’m not able to find that so far. The nearest is probably the Delerium Dub, but even then it’s something I would have better described as Deep House.

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