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Astute readers may have noticed that the theme has been changed, and that I’ve removed the categories that were overrunning the left column. The change of theme was deliberate as I was kind of bored by that theme, so I’ve opted for one that’s a bit fisher price/slashdot. I’ve never been one for the presentation layer much, even in my time as a “computer webmaster” (that’s what it says on my marriage certificate) I worked on getting data out, then getting someone else to deal with the niceties. The loss of categories wasn’t entirely deliberate as I was trying to convert them to tags via WordPress’ inbuilt functions, but I can’t actually figure out how to display tags anywhere so for the meantime they’re gone. Oh, there they are.

Anyway, as this isn’t really a real update, I’ll just resurrect a couple of previously posted Sandals tracks.

A Profound Gas(Vocal remix)

Feet(Chemical Brothers)

Nothing (Hard Hands Ritual)

We Wanna Live(DSS)

Sandals items on ebay.

edit, wait a minute. What happened to the rss feeds? The RSS feeds still exist, but they aren’t listed on the page? Hmmm.

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