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Number three in a series of dead techno musicians, today a few songs from Torsten Fenslau. Torsten was DJ at Frankfurt’s Dorian Gray club, and a leading light in the German Techno field as well as being responsible for the Europop smash Mr. Vain. Torsten was sadly killed in a car accident in 1993.

Out Of The Ordinary – The Dream(Acid Dub) : Borrowed in part by Dave Angel for his Nightmare remix of the Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams. Well, other than the Martin Luther King samples.

Out Of The Ordinary – Play It Again(Los Ninos Mix remix) : There are various versions of this, all chock full of samples. I think this is my favourite due to the usage of The Phantom, but it touches on Rebel MC, Beatmasters, Technotronic et al., yet still sounds fairly good. I might go on to dissect this one in future in a similar fashion to what I did with The Lesson a while ago.

Out Of The Ordinary – Der Weisse Hai(Hard House remix) : Der Weisse Hai is German for a Great White Shark. This track samples (or recreates) possibly the most famous piece of shark music. Well, other than Mack The Knife.

Force Legato – System 3.0 : An Andrew Weatherall favourite, remixed a few years ago by him in his Two Lone Swordsmen incarnation.

Paris Red – Good Friend : Produced by Torsten, this is a great example of his skill at creating a great build up and intro, and it’s one I remember as a big dancefloor favourite.

Culture Beat – Der Erdbeermund : Der Erdbeermund (Cherry Lips) is one of the first track I remember being identified as Ambient House, although in retrospect it doesn’t sound particularly ambient in comparison to something like the works of The Orb or Chill Out by the KLF. This track also had some less salubrious imitators such as Virginity 99 – Kiss my…Cherry Lips.

Abfahrt – Alone It’s Me

Klangwerk – Klangwerk

Ideas 4 Imitators – Der Komtur : featuring vocals and production by Carols Peron, one time member of Switzerland’s Yello. The Komtur was a rank within the Teutonic Knights, and the lyrics are available here, and roughly translated by google here.

Culture Beat – Mr. Vain (I know, disco cheese of the highest order, but it would be unfair to miss this one out).

And while I’m posting Europop, Snap – Exterminate (DG remix) : remixed by Torsten, I assume the DG is derived from the Dorian Gray club. I was almost going to title this “The Podcast of Dorian Gray”, but I’ll keep that for something in future, maybe if I do get round to the Out Of The Ordinary sample identification post.

I heartily looking at this poster in better detail than the version above, it’s very impressive.

A far more comprehensive guide to Torsten than I could possibly put together.

Sort of requested stuff I’ve remembered to post :

Clivill̩s & Cole РPride (A Deeper Love)(Extended Intro) : I think I prefer this one over the next, again because of the teasing intro.

Clivillés & Cole – Pride (A Deeper Love) 12″ remix

Orbital – Chime(JZJ Bacardi remix)

Orbital – Chime(JZJ Oh Ya remix)

Voodoo Doll – Women Beat Their Men : As correctly guessed a few weeks ago, I was kind of confusing this with Junior Cartier – Women Beat Their Men.

Culture Beat items on ebay.

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