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Ded Piggy

I doubt the culling of comes as a real surprise to anyone given that it had over 100,000 members worldwide, but seeing it reported as turning a profit when the logisitics of such a thing make that seem entirely unlikely is disingenuous to the administrator. What was good about oink was the request system, not for 0-DAY OMG WAREZ which is likely what killed it but for older, difficult to find items. If you’re reading this, you’ve got a decent idea of the sort of music I’m likely to post, and as time passes a lot of it becomes difficult to find by conventional means resulting in places like oink proving their worth. I’m sure there are enterprising individuals out there hoovering up the catalogue of labels such as Rhythm King or Tam Tam to sell this stuff back to me for pennies in future, but right now my options are limited.

As an example, if you want a copy of Baby Ford’s early Ford Trax EP on CD, you can expect to pay over 40 quid for it, and as good as it is, I’d be hard pushed to justify that outset for the disc. However, I would happily pay a tenner for a wav/flac/high bitrate mp3 of it if I didn’t already have a couple of copies of the disc(Offers can be directed to the email address in profile).

Anyway, I digress. There are still other options, but at this rate I’ll be back in alt.binaries.etc.etc.etc after having loved out of there 10 years ago.

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