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Number two in an possible series of dead techno musicians, today a few tunes from Caspar Pound.

Caspar was one of the most influential people in the UK techno scene, responsible for Rising High records and bringing the Teutonic Harthouse label to UK shores. He unfortunately died a few years ago from complications related to an enlarged heart. I should point out my ignorance here as I’m not really aware of Ezra Pound, his ancestor although I would be kind of interested in hearing his music.

Rising High – Magic Roundabout : My first experience of his works, a raucous shouty rave that has nothing to do with Zebedee.
A Homeboy, a Hippie and a Funky Dredd – Total Confusion : I always wondered about the spelling of Dredd here, if it is inspired by the 2000AD stalwart fascist bullyboy policeman as opposed to the Soul II Soul Funky Dread. I can almost picture a Jamaican Judge with a Dreadlocked helmet.
The Hypnotist – The House Is Mine (GTO remix)

Tracks with hypnotists:

Orbital – Deeper : The flip side of Chime, Orbital’s first single.
Orbital – 2 Deep : A remix of the same from a later release.
Sisterlove – The Hypnotist (Expanded from Seven to Twelve inches) : I don’t really have anything to say about this, it’s more of a self improvement cassette as opposed to hypnotist but it’s still in that sort of realm.
Love Corporation – Palatial (Danny Rampling remix) : Another Ed Ball band, reworked by Danny Rampling here.

Love Corporation – Give Me Some Love (Andrew Weatherall remix) : Can’t remember if I posted this before, but as I now have a copy of it on CD as opposed to my old vinyl rip it’s a good excuse to do it again.

And finally, searching for hypno among my stuff brings up the following:

Cabaret Voltaire – Hypnotized (A Guy Called Gerald remix)
Sheer Taft – Cascades (Hypnotone remix) : I worked with a guy that moved into Sheer Taft’s flat in Glasgow. The toilet could only be accessed from above for some reason. I never did figure out why.
Primal Scream – Come Together (Hypnotone Brain Drain remix) : This is the high society.
Nexus 21 – Self Hypnosis (Mr Whippy) : Altern 8’s serious alter ego.

And to close on a point about hypnosis, I used to phone radio phone-in’s pretty often. One of these was Paul McKenna’s early morning radio show when he was at Radio 1, and it was a general knowledge thingy with the prize as any album that had ever been released, and I was phoning at 5AM from a post night out full house. I wanted a copy of Primal Scream Screamadelica, which wasn’t out at the time but my friend there wanted a Doors album called Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine. When he screamed FUCK at top volume Paul McKenna or his engineer was quick enough to overdub this expletive with the opening of Things That Make You Go Hmmm.

Pete Tong used to do the trainspotter sequence where he would play a record and the first to phone in and identify it would win goodies, I would start phoning before the record played as I was that sure I could identify that tune in one. I did win one week when the winning track was Lemon Interrupt’s Bigmouth. I won a bunch of CDs and a towel, but God’s Kitchen never did send me the promised tickets to their big rave.

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