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Slinky mentioned that he would like to see an Orbital post, and although I have mentioned them in the past, I doubt anyone noticed as my traffic was pretty minimal in May.

Orbital – Belfast (Sash versus the Light) : I love the Wasted version of this track, but this one is rarer.

Orbital – Bigpipe Style : The original makes use of the stylophone as promoted by Rolf Harris. This instead opts for a Bagpipe.

Orbital – Chime(Friends of Matthew remix) : Unfortunately this was recorded in quietophonic sound. It originates from the DMC series of exclusive 12″ singles which were sent out monthly to it’s membership and as far as I know wasn’t collected anywhere else.

Orbital – Lush 3-3(Underworld remix) : Repeat posting! I should have uploaded the Psychick Warriors of Gaia version instead, but as I’ve been on a bit of an Underworld kick over the past few days I’ve opted for this instead.

Orbital – Omen (The Wheel of Fortune) : I’ve seen the future, I can’t afford it.

Orbital – Speed Freak(Moby remix) : Moby used to be a very accomplished remixer and producer, but he’s not really been the same since Animal Rights. (Adds Moby to the drafts folder).

DJ Richie Rich – Salsa House(Orbital remix) : The original Salsa House is one of the defining House records for me, and there is also a bootleg remix which was eventually cleared for release combining this with Ralphie Rosarios “You Used To Hold Me” which is probably in contention for being one of the first Mashups along with The Source’s You Got The Love.

Karl Bartos – I’m The Message(Orbital Remix) : Kraftwerk escapee.

Mike Flowers Meets Orbital – 1999 / Chime (Krisp Doubleu Mix) : A vocoder driven cover of Orbital’s Chime with vocals by one time Orb member Kris Weston as well as Mike Flowers warbling over it.

Queen Latifah – Come Into My House(Orbital Dub) : “One time member of the Flavor Unit, a group of MCs surrounding DJ Mark the 45 King” says Wikipedia. I didn’t realise that was where she came from, as I was particularly fond of the 900 Number many years ago. The 900 Number is possibly better known to those of you in the US as the Ed Lover dance. There was a remix of it by Chad Jackson, one time DMC favourite which is so stuffed with samples it is painful to listen to.

The Shamen – Hear Me Oh My People (Orbital Delays Expected) : En Tact was a fabulous album at the time, but really doesn’t stand up to relistening these days. This, Lightspan and Evil are Even are still incredible tracks though, probably due to the lack of vocals throughout.

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