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Sitting in an Irish Pub in Thailand I began to realise that many of the Irish Pubs I had visited in the world had similar design aesthetics and ephemera, such as old signs for tobacco, soap and beer. For somewhere supposed to be a familiar sight across the world and a chance to experience a bit of the local crack it blurs into a single unipub in my mind, somewhere I would have problems describing the differences between one bar and the next as I tear open an regretfully expensive but oh so needed packet of Salt & Vinegar crisps.

Eventually I learned there is a single concern behind this, the Irish Pub Company. A consultancy that provide and directs your Irish Pub interest should you have one. It seems kind of odd to me to have a corporate level behind this, ensuring your Irish Pub meets the vision of every other Irish Pub in the world. To be fair not every Irish Pub in the world is a product of this, but if you find yourself in one anywhere in the world, look at the food menu or the drinks menu to see if you can find the © Irish Pub Company statement.

Anyway, revisiting a band I’ve mentioned before and one that warrants another mention if for no reason other than timeliness, today is a few words about Underworld. I wasn’t actually planning to write something about them in particular and it is by coincidence that their new album is released today, but the Irish Pub thing brings me here in a roundabout way.

Crocodile(Pete Heller remix) : Lead track from the new album, remixed here by JBO alumni Pete Heller.

Cowgirl (Irish Pub In Kyoto) : In memory of having spent Saturday afternoon in an Irish Bar in Basel picking fruit flies out of my beer. I assume I give off a smell of rotting bananas or something as I seem to be some sort of Mecca for these annoying little gits. They’ve probably been put up to it by my mortal enemy, the wasps.

King of Snake(Sushi Bar In Dublin) : Another from the origin unknown pile, I have no idea where I got this.

Moaner(Relentless Legs) : I am lonely bollock.

Born Slippy : Wait, this isn’t Born Slippy(NUXX), the Lager Lager Lager version. The original Born Slippy EP was three tracks, Born Slippy, Born Slippy(NUXX) and Born Slippy (TEL EMATIC). However, most folk would probably think of the NUXX version as the original due to it’s inclusion on the Trainspotting soundtrack.

Drum Club – Sound System (Underworld remix) : One of my personal favourite Underworld remixes.

Lemon Interrupt – Minneapolis Airwaves : I said I’d post this when I came back to them, so here it is. As to the promise of Heat plus Hex = Antibong, it was the evening after a friends wedding. They went off to their honeymoon, we returned en masse to another friends house to keep drinking. As this was of the time that alcopops were popular, we were drinking vodka and lemonade of a sort, but substituting the lemonade with Hooch among other idiocy.

Anyway, the upshot of this was that we had all manner of stupid bottled drinks aimed at teenagers such as Hooch, Two Dogs, Metz (particularly memorable for the horrifying advertising campaign) & Hex which was basically pre-mixed Pernod & Blackcurrant. A friend was building a bong, but having been drinking this and sitting too close to the fire in the house, he muttered Heat & Hex = Antibong and slipped slowly to the floor, throwing in the towel for the night. Others sitting slouched and drunken would further switch off in time, tipping their assorted drinks into couches accidentally and sleeping where sitting awaiting the shock of a hangover only brought about by mixing far too many drink types over a sustained period of time.

And finally, onetwo for the request pile:

Sabres of Paradise : Smokebelch II (Exit)

One Dove – Breakdown(Squire Black Dove Rides Out).

Underworld – Oblivion With Bells at Amazon.

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