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I actually started writing something else only to realise it was pretty much the same thing I wrote a while ago about Saint Etienne, so I’ve scrapped that. As I’m off down to an Irish pub in Switzerland shortly to watch Scotland play football while drinking German beer and eating British crisps, I’ll just post a couple of things I found last night.

One Dove – White Love(Slam remix 2) : The vinyl only version of the track, this is the one I remember over the flip side.

Brothers Love Dubs – The Mighty Ming(Sabres of Paradise remix) : Both of these tracks finally turned up last night after a long time searching.

Golden Girls – Kinetic (Cubic 22 remix) : Found while looking for the right version of Night In Motion. Not really sure this is a significant variance from the original, so it’s maybe mislabelled. The original is pretty smashing anyway.

K Klass – 1 2 3 (Sabres of Paradise)

K Klass – Wildlife : A live favourite from the time they toured with 808 State way back when. Might sound a bit familiar if you’re around my age and British.

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