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I probably posted most of this compilation when I previously mentioned Hip House as it’s a strong theme on this album, so I’ll try to avoid the obvious tracks.

Humanoid – Slam : A fairly ropey Hip House entry, the sample at 3:01 is especially cringeworthy in the context of the rest of the track.

Sterling Void – Runaway Girl : Sterling Void’s It’s Alright was the first mp3 I posted here, although I’ve since deleted that post as there wasn’t much substance to it, and it outlined a version of this site that isn’t really what it turned out to be. In a similar fashion to yesterday’s Style Council track, It’s Alright was covered by the Pet Shop Boys and also remixed by Sterling Void. Similarly, the Pet Shop Boys covered Raze – Break For Love which I should probably have posted yesterday as the original was also on the first volume of Deep Heat, but I’ve only just remembered about it as I type this, so it goes in today.

Stop The Violence – Self Destruction : Stop The Violence was a rap supergroup consisting of KRS-One, Stetsasonic, Kool Moe Dee, MC Lyte, Just-Ice, Doug E. Fresh, Heavy D, Chuck D, Flava Flav & Ms. Melodie which called for a halt to the fighting between gangs. I don’t think any of these artists are particularly active these days other than Flava Flav propping up Channel Zero as a cartoon of himself. One of the more surreal experiences of my life was while shopping with a girlfriend at the time of Public Enemy playing in Glasgow and spotting Flava Flav in Topshop rummaging through the women’s underwear.

She Rockers – On Stage : I fondly remembered this track due to a great sound in it, and I recently found the sample came from a track called Hot Wheels(The Chase) by a group called Badder Than Evil, a band consisting of Al Elias and Angelo Badalamenti. The She Rockers were support for De La Soul when they toured to promote Three Feet High and Rising. Unfortunately De La Soul’s complex sample laden breakthrough album did not translate very well to a live show, and it came across more as a PA than a tour.

Orange Lemon – The Texican : One of a number of Todd Terry projects from his particularly productive early years, this and the flip side Dreams of Santa Anna are based on the oft sampled Babe Ruth track The Mexican.

Turntable Orchestra – You’re Gonna Miss Me : An early crazy stalker tune preceding Lil Louis’ I called U. I was somehow led to believe that Turntable Orchestra was also responsible for the techno of TTO’s Turntable Overload, but they seem so stylistically different that it’s hard to resolve this as true.

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To the Batmobile, Let’s Go!

Some of you may have noticed a reference here once or twice to something called Deep Heat, this was a series of compilation albums released by the label Telstar covering the broad brush strokes of House Music in the early 90s. It was a fairly good place to keep up with the sort of music that was hovering around the edges of the charts, and as a document of the time it is only really matched by the Rumour Records series Warehouse Raves. It does have some incredibly bad moments, and I’ll try to steer a course though those.

Todd Terry – Bango (To The Batmobile) : Sixties Batman sampling silliness. : This is one of my first House music memories, although hearing it now it’s pretty poor stuff. Much better of his output at the time was Weekend, notable if for no other reason than it was the tune playing when Brian Tilsey was stabbed to death outside a nightclub on Coronation Street.

Sugar Bear – Don’t Scandalize Mine : In my mind I had this somewhere between Toni Scott’s “That’s How I’m Living” and KC Flightt’s Planet E as a single track with a weirdly rambling Hip House rap over Talking Heads’ Once In A Lifetime.

Joe Smooth – Promised Land : later covered by the Style Council and remixed by Juan Atkins.

Petula Clark – Downtown ’88 : An odd one this, presumably inspired by the JAMMs’ Down Town from the preceding year.

Humanoid – Stakker Humanoid (Snowman Mix) : I was going to post my Humanoid anecdote, but I’ve already done that in an older post and it’s not really that interesting.

I don’t think these were part of the series, but I found them during the search.

Technotronic – Rockin’ Over The Beat (Rockin’ Over The Manchester Hacienda remix) : Remixed by Bernard Sumner.

Paul Rutherford – Oh World(Morales Universal Club remix) : Someone asked about an acid remix of this, but I’m not able to find that so far. The nearest is probably the Delerium Dub, but even then it’s something I would have better described as Deep House.

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Astute readers may have noticed that the theme has been changed, and that I’ve removed the categories that were overrunning the left column. The change of theme was deliberate as I was kind of bored by that theme, so I’ve opted for one that’s a bit fisher price/slashdot. I’ve never been one for the presentation layer much, even in my time as a “computer webmaster” (that’s what it says on my marriage certificate) I worked on getting data out, then getting someone else to deal with the niceties. The loss of categories wasn’t entirely deliberate as I was trying to convert them to tags via WordPress’ inbuilt functions, but I can’t actually figure out how to display tags anywhere so for the meantime they’re gone. Oh, there they are.

Anyway, as this isn’t really a real update, I’ll just resurrect a couple of previously posted Sandals tracks.

A Profound Gas(Vocal remix)

Feet(Chemical Brothers)

Nothing (Hard Hands Ritual)

We Wanna Live(DSS)

Sandals items on ebay.

edit, wait a minute. What happened to the rss feeds? The RSS feeds still exist, but they aren’t listed on the page? Hmmm.

Number three in a series of dead techno musicians, today a few songs from Torsten Fenslau. Torsten was DJ at Frankfurt’s Dorian Gray club, and a leading light in the German Techno field as well as being responsible for the Europop smash Mr. Vain. Torsten was sadly killed in a car accident in 1993.

Out Of The Ordinary – The Dream(Acid Dub) : Borrowed in part by Dave Angel for his Nightmare remix of the Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams. Well, other than the Martin Luther King samples.

Out Of The Ordinary – Play It Again(Los Ninos Mix remix) : There are various versions of this, all chock full of samples. I think this is my favourite due to the usage of The Phantom, but it touches on Rebel MC, Beatmasters, Technotronic et al., yet still sounds fairly good. I might go on to dissect this one in future in a similar fashion to what I did with The Lesson a while ago.

Out Of The Ordinary – Der Weisse Hai(Hard House remix) : Der Weisse Hai is German for a Great White Shark. This track samples (or recreates) possibly the most famous piece of shark music. Well, other than Mack The Knife.

Force Legato – System 3.0 : An Andrew Weatherall favourite, remixed a few years ago by him in his Two Lone Swordsmen incarnation.

Paris Red – Good Friend : Produced by Torsten, this is a great example of his skill at creating a great build up and intro, and it’s one I remember as a big dancefloor favourite.

Culture Beat – Der Erdbeermund : Der Erdbeermund (Cherry Lips) is one of the first track I remember being identified as Ambient House, although in retrospect it doesn’t sound particularly ambient in comparison to something like the works of The Orb or Chill Out by the KLF. This track also had some less salubrious imitators such as Virginity 99 – Kiss my…Cherry Lips.

Abfahrt – Alone It’s Me

Klangwerk – Klangwerk

Ideas 4 Imitators – Der Komtur : featuring vocals and production by Carols Peron, one time member of Switzerland’s Yello. The Komtur was a rank within the Teutonic Knights, and the lyrics are available here, and roughly translated by google here.

Culture Beat – Mr. Vain (I know, disco cheese of the highest order, but it would be unfair to miss this one out).

And while I’m posting Europop, Snap – Exterminate (DG remix) : remixed by Torsten, I assume the DG is derived from the Dorian Gray club. I was almost going to title this “The Podcast of Dorian Gray”, but I’ll keep that for something in future, maybe if I do get round to the Out Of The Ordinary sample identification post.

I heartily looking at this poster in better detail than the version above, it’s very impressive.

A far more comprehensive guide to Torsten than I could possibly put together.

Sort of requested stuff I’ve remembered to post :

Clivill̩s & Cole РPride (A Deeper Love)(Extended Intro) : I think I prefer this one over the next, again because of the teasing intro.

Clivillés & Cole – Pride (A Deeper Love) 12″ remix

Orbital – Chime(JZJ Bacardi remix)

Orbital – Chime(JZJ Oh Ya remix)

Voodoo Doll – Women Beat Their Men : As correctly guessed a few weeks ago, I was kind of confusing this with Junior Cartier – Women Beat Their Men.

Culture Beat items on ebay.

In an alternative world yesterday’s announcement would have run something along the lines of the following:

“Huge pirate music site legitimised and integrated in new BFI distribution network.”

“Users encouraged to keep torrents open to distribute obscure content for credit and first listens to new work.”

“24-year-old man from Middlesbrough given ‘Extremely lucrative’ position as new music distribution method administrator reporting to Shawn Fanning, head of IFPI.”

I’m not an artist, merely someone that likes music to the point where I like to share it with anyone that is willing to listen. DJ/Rupture says something from an artist point of view over at his place and I would encourage anyone with a few minutes to spare to have a read at it.

Anyway, I mentioned previously that I was intending to say something about Moby and I was planning to post Hymn(alt.quiet.version) which is a half hour long ambient workout of the track, but I can’t actually find it right now. I suspect that I might have sold it at some point last year as I was planning to liquidate the majority of my collection but after dealing with the denizens of ebay I found it a rather frustrating experience from a sellers point of view and haven’t gone back to it. I could probably try doing it via discogs instead, but I’m a bit burned out by the selling process right now. Coincidentally, through typing this I think that I would have posted that version of Hymn to Oink a few years ago fulfilling a request for someone if I had been a member of said site.

The CD is available on ebay for a fairly small sum, so I can’t really imagine I went out of my way to sell it for a few pounds, I daresay I’ve just misplaced it.

To summarise what I was planning to post, I liked Moby’s early techno and ambient work, but got bored of him long before his music for adverts phase. I think he wanted to shake off the early fans anyway so he wasn’t pigeonholed as a particularly electronic artist and I don’t imagine he would care all that much.

There now follow some tracks that I found last night while digging for that Moby CD.

Michael Jackson – Beat It(Moby remix)

Slo Moshun – Bells of NY : Credited to Ed “Chunk” Rodriguez and Anthony “Monty” Montana, this is actually the work of Mark Archer of Altern 8. The subterfuge here was to suggest it was an import and thus was decorated with particularly American sounding names.

Death in Vegas – Rocco(Dave Clarke remix)

Rolf Harris – Sun Arise (808 State Vocal remix) : Originally posted back when no-one was reading.

The Future Sound of London – We Have Explosive (Mantronix Plastic Formula)

Gat Decor – Passion : There is a version of this with the vocals from Degrees Of Motion – Do You Want It Right Now, but I’m not too fond of that.

The Sandals – Feet (Dianadub)

JBC – We Love You : JBC was an alias for the Jazz Butcher (Conspiracy). The “DJs the man you love the most” comes from the Tears For Fears/Fluke track Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams.

On a similar note, one of the Fluke remixes of World of Twist’s Rolling Stones cover – Shes A Rainbow.

Jazz Butcher items on ebay.

Ded Piggy

Ded Piggy

I doubt the culling of comes as a real surprise to anyone given that it had over 100,000 members worldwide, but seeing it reported as turning a profit when the logisitics of such a thing make that seem entirely unlikely is disingenuous to the administrator. What was good about oink was the request system, not for 0-DAY OMG WAREZ which is likely what killed it but for older, difficult to find items. If you’re reading this, you’ve got a decent idea of the sort of music I’m likely to post, and as time passes a lot of it becomes difficult to find by conventional means resulting in places like oink proving their worth. I’m sure there are enterprising individuals out there hoovering up the catalogue of labels such as Rhythm King or Tam Tam to sell this stuff back to me for pennies in future, but right now my options are limited.

As an example, if you want a copy of Baby Ford’s early Ford Trax EP on CD, you can expect to pay over 40 quid for it, and as good as it is, I’d be hard pushed to justify that outset for the disc. However, I would happily pay a tenner for a wav/flac/high bitrate mp3 of it if I didn’t already have a couple of copies of the disc(Offers can be directed to the email address in profile).

Anyway, I digress. There are still other options, but at this rate I’ll be back in alt.binaries.etc.etc.etc after having loved out of there 10 years ago.

Number two in an possible series of dead techno musicians, today a few tunes from Caspar Pound.

Caspar was one of the most influential people in the UK techno scene, responsible for Rising High records and bringing the Teutonic Harthouse label to UK shores. He unfortunately died a few years ago from complications related to an enlarged heart. I should point out my ignorance here as I’m not really aware of Ezra Pound, his ancestor although I would be kind of interested in hearing his music.

Rising High – Magic Roundabout : My first experience of his works, a raucous shouty rave that has nothing to do with Zebedee.
A Homeboy, a Hippie and a Funky Dredd – Total Confusion : I always wondered about the spelling of Dredd here, if it is inspired by the 2000AD stalwart fascist bullyboy policeman as opposed to the Soul II Soul Funky Dread. I can almost picture a Jamaican Judge with a Dreadlocked helmet.
The Hypnotist – The House Is Mine (GTO remix)

Tracks with hypnotists:

Orbital – Deeper : The flip side of Chime, Orbital’s first single.
Orbital – 2 Deep : A remix of the same from a later release.
Sisterlove – The Hypnotist (Expanded from Seven to Twelve inches) : I don’t really have anything to say about this, it’s more of a self improvement cassette as opposed to hypnotist but it’s still in that sort of realm.
Love Corporation – Palatial (Danny Rampling remix) : Another Ed Ball band, reworked by Danny Rampling here.

Love Corporation – Give Me Some Love (Andrew Weatherall remix) : Can’t remember if I posted this before, but as I now have a copy of it on CD as opposed to my old vinyl rip it’s a good excuse to do it again.

And finally, searching for hypno among my stuff brings up the following:

Cabaret Voltaire – Hypnotized (A Guy Called Gerald remix)
Sheer Taft – Cascades (Hypnotone remix) : I worked with a guy that moved into Sheer Taft’s flat in Glasgow. The toilet could only be accessed from above for some reason. I never did figure out why.
Primal Scream – Come Together (Hypnotone Brain Drain remix) : This is the high society.
Nexus 21 – Self Hypnosis (Mr Whippy) : Altern 8’s serious alter ego.

And to close on a point about hypnosis, I used to phone radio phone-in’s pretty often. One of these was Paul McKenna’s early morning radio show when he was at Radio 1, and it was a general knowledge thingy with the prize as any album that had ever been released, and I was phoning at 5AM from a post night out full house. I wanted a copy of Primal Scream Screamadelica, which wasn’t out at the time but my friend there wanted a Doors album called Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine. When he screamed FUCK at top volume Paul McKenna or his engineer was quick enough to overdub this expletive with the opening of Things That Make You Go Hmmm.

Pete Tong used to do the trainspotter sequence where he would play a record and the first to phone in and identify it would win goodies, I would start phoning before the record played as I was that sure I could identify that tune in one. I did win one week when the winning track was Lemon Interrupt’s Bigmouth. I won a bunch of CDs and a towel, but God’s Kitchen never did send me the promised tickets to their big rave.

You are feeling sleepy

Slinky mentioned that he would like to see an Orbital post, and although I have mentioned them in the past, I doubt anyone noticed as my traffic was pretty minimal in May.

Orbital – Belfast (Sash versus the Light) : I love the Wasted version of this track, but this one is rarer.

Orbital – Bigpipe Style : The original makes use of the stylophone as promoted by Rolf Harris. This instead opts for a Bagpipe.

Orbital – Chime(Friends of Matthew remix) : Unfortunately this was recorded in quietophonic sound. It originates from the DMC series of exclusive 12″ singles which were sent out monthly to it’s membership and as far as I know wasn’t collected anywhere else.

Orbital – Lush 3-3(Underworld remix) : Repeat posting! I should have uploaded the Psychick Warriors of Gaia version instead, but as I’ve been on a bit of an Underworld kick over the past few days I’ve opted for this instead.

Orbital – Omen (The Wheel of Fortune) : I’ve seen the future, I can’t afford it.

Orbital – Speed Freak(Moby remix) : Moby used to be a very accomplished remixer and producer, but he’s not really been the same since Animal Rights. (Adds Moby to the drafts folder).

DJ Richie Rich – Salsa House(Orbital remix) : The original Salsa House is one of the defining House records for me, and there is also a bootleg remix which was eventually cleared for release combining this with Ralphie Rosarios “You Used To Hold Me” which is probably in contention for being one of the first Mashups along with The Source’s You Got The Love.

Karl Bartos – I’m The Message(Orbital Remix) : Kraftwerk escapee.

Mike Flowers Meets Orbital – 1999 / Chime (Krisp Doubleu Mix) : A vocoder driven cover of Orbital’s Chime with vocals by one time Orb member Kris Weston as well as Mike Flowers warbling over it.

Queen Latifah – Come Into My House(Orbital Dub) : “One time member of the Flavor Unit, a group of MCs surrounding DJ Mark the 45 King” says Wikipedia. I didn’t realise that was where she came from, as I was particularly fond of the 900 Number many years ago. The 900 Number is possibly better known to those of you in the US as the Ed Lover dance. There was a remix of it by Chad Jackson, one time DMC favourite which is so stuffed with samples it is painful to listen to.

The Shamen – Hear Me Oh My People (Orbital Delays Expected) : En Tact was a fabulous album at the time, but really doesn’t stand up to relistening these days. This, Lightspan and Evil are Even are still incredible tracks though, probably due to the lack of vocals throughout.

Orbital items on ebay.

Irish Bar In Kyoto

Sitting in an Irish Pub in Thailand I began to realise that many of the Irish Pubs I had visited in the world had similar design aesthetics and ephemera, such as old signs for tobacco, soap and beer. For somewhere supposed to be a familiar sight across the world and a chance to experience a bit of the local crack it blurs into a single unipub in my mind, somewhere I would have problems describing the differences between one bar and the next as I tear open an regretfully expensive but oh so needed packet of Salt & Vinegar crisps.

Eventually I learned there is a single concern behind this, the Irish Pub Company. A consultancy that provide and directs your Irish Pub interest should you have one. It seems kind of odd to me to have a corporate level behind this, ensuring your Irish Pub meets the vision of every other Irish Pub in the world. To be fair not every Irish Pub in the world is a product of this, but if you find yourself in one anywhere in the world, look at the food menu or the drinks menu to see if you can find the © Irish Pub Company statement.

Anyway, revisiting a band I’ve mentioned before and one that warrants another mention if for no reason other than timeliness, today is a few words about Underworld. I wasn’t actually planning to write something about them in particular and it is by coincidence that their new album is released today, but the Irish Pub thing brings me here in a roundabout way.

Crocodile(Pete Heller remix) : Lead track from the new album, remixed here by JBO alumni Pete Heller.

Cowgirl (Irish Pub In Kyoto) : In memory of having spent Saturday afternoon in an Irish Bar in Basel picking fruit flies out of my beer. I assume I give off a smell of rotting bananas or something as I seem to be some sort of Mecca for these annoying little gits. They’ve probably been put up to it by my mortal enemy, the wasps.

King of Snake(Sushi Bar In Dublin) : Another from the origin unknown pile, I have no idea where I got this.

Moaner(Relentless Legs) : I am lonely bollock.

Born Slippy : Wait, this isn’t Born Slippy(NUXX), the Lager Lager Lager version. The original Born Slippy EP was three tracks, Born Slippy, Born Slippy(NUXX) and Born Slippy (TEL EMATIC). However, most folk would probably think of the NUXX version as the original due to it’s inclusion on the Trainspotting soundtrack.

Drum Club – Sound System (Underworld remix) : One of my personal favourite Underworld remixes.

Lemon Interrupt – Minneapolis Airwaves : I said I’d post this when I came back to them, so here it is. As to the promise of Heat plus Hex = Antibong, it was the evening after a friends wedding. They went off to their honeymoon, we returned en masse to another friends house to keep drinking. As this was of the time that alcopops were popular, we were drinking vodka and lemonade of a sort, but substituting the lemonade with Hooch among other idiocy.

Anyway, the upshot of this was that we had all manner of stupid bottled drinks aimed at teenagers such as Hooch, Two Dogs, Metz (particularly memorable for the horrifying advertising campaign) & Hex which was basically pre-mixed Pernod & Blackcurrant. A friend was building a bong, but having been drinking this and sitting too close to the fire in the house, he muttered Heat & Hex = Antibong and slipped slowly to the floor, throwing in the towel for the night. Others sitting slouched and drunken would further switch off in time, tipping their assorted drinks into couches accidentally and sleeping where sitting awaiting the shock of a hangover only brought about by mixing far too many drink types over a sustained period of time.

And finally, onetwo for the request pile:

Sabres of Paradise : Smokebelch II (Exit)

One Dove – Breakdown(Squire Black Dove Rides Out).

Underworld – Oblivion With Bells at Amazon.

Songs for whoever

I actually started writing something else only to realise it was pretty much the same thing I wrote a while ago about Saint Etienne, so I’ve scrapped that. As I’m off down to an Irish pub in Switzerland shortly to watch Scotland play football while drinking German beer and eating British crisps, I’ll just post a couple of things I found last night.

One Dove – White Love(Slam remix 2) : The vinyl only version of the track, this is the one I remember over the flip side.

Brothers Love Dubs – The Mighty Ming(Sabres of Paradise remix) : Both of these tracks finally turned up last night after a long time searching.

Golden Girls – Kinetic (Cubic 22 remix) : Found while looking for the right version of Night In Motion. Not really sure this is a significant variance from the original, so it’s maybe mislabelled. The original is pretty smashing anyway.

K Klass – 1 2 3 (Sabres of Paradise)

K Klass – Wildlife : A live favourite from the time they toured with 808 State way back when. Might sound a bit familiar if you’re around my age and British.