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“Taxi for [soundslikemysurname]?”


“Aye, close enough. Jump in mate. It’s taken me fuckin’ ages to get here, the roads are a bloody mess and my radio is fucked. Prolly why I got the wrong name.”

“Ah, no problem. It happens.”

“Yeah. Anyway, so I’m taking you to the company headquarters in Coatbridge then?”

At this point it occurs to me that I may well be in the wrong taxi, and someone’s day just got a little bit worse. Due to this fellow working to a company account, I get abandoned at the nearest stop while he winds his way back into the shopping prison that is Braehead. Standing halfway between a branch of Lidl and the largest local hospital I can only reflect on the absurdity of the situation and laugh. Then recoil slightly as I notice a torn up pornographic magazine at my feet.

Other than the above, I had a reasonably entertaining day. Some nice new spectacles, a wonderful evening meal, the company of friends I don’t see often enough and best of all, I found my most favourite store in all of Glasgow had re-opened.


Due to over-zealous rapid expansion, the Fopp chain went bust earlier this year. On finding it re-opened and to show some appreciation I bought a few CDs, of which I’ve opted to share a few tunes.

The Best of Minnie Riperton : I am the Black Gold of the Sun. I have a thing for strong female vocals, and Minnie is one of the best. This is from her Rotary Connection days. There is a cover of this from 97 by Nuyorican Soul(i.e. Masters At Work), but it’s one of those covers that just doesn’t live up to the original.

Marlena Shaw – Spice of Life : Woman of the Ghetto. I’ve posted California Soul previously as it is the track that turned me in the direction of her fantastic vocals, but this is possibly my favourite track by her. There’s also a live version (from Montreux) that’s even more astounding, and those familiar with the track Remember Me by The Blueboy may recognise the vocal snippets throughout the live track.

Mastercuts Breaks : Cymande – The Message. This track was sampled by Master Ace for Me and the Biz, but on it’s own this is a beautiful funky track, and a good starting point for anyone interested in the band. I’d suggest tracking down Bra and Brothers On The Slide next.

Mastercuts Funk : Maceo and the King’s Men. Maceo covering Sly Stone.

Mastercuts Northern Soul : Detroit Sound – We’re Gonna Party. Northern Soul is a genre I’m not entirely familiar with, but I’ve always wanted to hear more in this vein.

Mastercuts Roy Ayers : Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves The Sunshine. A lazy, sunny groove from a master.

Best of The Pogues : Fiesta. My wife had mentioned previously to keep an eye out for a Pogues Greatest Hits, and I found this. I could have posted Waltzing Matilda, but it’s such a depressing dirge of a song that it would spoil the mood of the rest.

Ramones Mania : Animal Boy. 30 Ramones songs for 3 quid. That’s ten pence a song. You just don’t get rock and roll for that price these days.

On the subject of discarded pornography, there follows a tale of trains.

I was on a train travelling to Strasbourg to meet a Brazilian, and two French folk wearing all white sat across from me. The only ashtray was on their side of the seating, and I felt like a cigarette to help pass the time. I pulled the ashtray from the seating and accidentally tipped most of it over Mademoiselle’s pure white coat.

Later returning on the train back home, the conductor asked for my ticket. I had put it on the pocket of the chair in front of me for easy retrieval. I grabbed the ticket, and absent mindedly grabbed the magazine underneath it at the same time.

As the conductor approaches, I realise I’m sitting staring at gay sex and boy fucking monthly with open mouth as I was somewhat startled by the content. Not the most comfortable I’ve been while proffering a ticket to someone.

Mastercuts compilations on ebay.

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