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Continuing the theme of notable cover versions, here are a few oddities for today.

AK – Ghostbusters. I don’t know anything about this guy unfortunately as I’m sure the rest of his work is equally awesome. This and a cover of Theme From S’Express somehow made their way to me at some point in the past. Digging around the internet sadly doesn’t seem to reveal anything other than AK is sometimes how Atomic Kitten are referred to. Which really isn’t much use as I’m pretty sure this isn’t them.

The Incredible Bongo Band – In A Gadda Da Vida. More famous for their contribution to breaks and samples by way of their Apache cover, instead this is a lighter take on Iron Butterfly’s 17 minute metal freakout. I don’t really imagine that when commencing on this project that Michael Viner and his cohorts were entirely serious about what they were doing, but a subsequent remix of the track from Grandmaster Flash fused the track into a sample legend and assuring it’s place in history.

See also : Hot Butter – Apache and Animal – Wipeout, both of which are covered by Michael Viner’s Incredible Bongo Band on the collection Bongo Rock.

The Wedding Present – Davni Chasy (Those Were The Days). From a jokey Peel Session where the band played a number of songs in a Ukrainian folk style, including this cover of the Mary Hopkins track Those Were The Days. The project went on to sell a surprisingly high amount of albums of the collected sessions. The Ukrainians exist in their own right these days as a touring band. The Ukrainians Official website.

Vitalic – Warm Leatherette. There are a number of covers of this track, and I find difficult to choose between this or the Chicks on Speed version, which retains the coldness of the original version by the Normal. This originates from a live session done for John Peel a few years ago, IIRC. Most folk may be more familiar with the version by lantern jawed Dan Dare photographic negative woman Grace Jones.


Grace can be seen here losing control on Russell Harty’s talkshow. She’s Lost Control.

And to round out, Mina – Arkanoid. Covering Martin Galway’s theme for the C64 conversion of the 80s reworking of Breakout. It doesn’t really amount to much more than someone playing a guitar over the Arkanoid theme, but I like it anyway.

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