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The only reason I think the track referenced in the title was released as a single was to indulge Jarvis and allow him to make the video that goes with it. I’m not certain who the director was, but I kind of suspect it was the man himself as he does have previous experience directing music videos. Sweet Exorcist’s Testone was resurrecting the creepy Test Card girl back in 1989, almost 20 years before Life On Mars made the iconic girl and clown puppet into forces of terror.

Tubby Testcard

I don’t think there was a reference to Teletubbies in Life on Mars, but John Simm’s character can be seen watching them in Doctor Who. Which itself is a reference back to the earlier days of Doctor Who recalling The Master in prison. And before I go spiralling off wildly into televisual matters, there is a sequence in Life On Mars (while Gene is avin’ ‘oops, I think) with a modern piece of music playing on the radio of a cafe, and that which segues nicely back to the topic. It’s Pulp – Disco 2000.

Nick Cave – Disco 2000. From the Bad Cover Version single. One time Kylie collaborator removes the manic student disco energy of the original turning it into something more akin to a pub singalong. Nick Cave items via fansite. Sadly, no Nick Cave dolls.

Roisin Murphy – Sorted?. Also from the aforementioned single. I’ve seen this lambasted as being a boring four to the floor techno number, but I get the impression it was written as intentionally dull, looping the phrase of the title and selectively sampling bits and pieces of the original as it does. I seem to remember several cheap remixes of tracks that didn’t amount to much more than this. Although Roisin seems to be making her way as a solo artist these days, this dates from the time she was better recognised as the vocalist of Moloko, my fellow droogs.

Terry Edwards – Totally Wired. Yet another band I would never have heard if it wasn’t for the late lamented John Peel. Terry covers The Fall in his own unique fashion creating somewhat more of a Calypso feel. My favourite track from Terry Edwards so far has got to be his cover of Napalm Death’s You Suffer, famous for being the shortest piece of music recorded. Terry Edwards on ebay. Currently featuring an EP of Miles Davis tunes played as speed-metal.

Hawkwind featuring Samantha Fox – Gimme Shelter. This is a repeat, but I doubt anyone was actually reading this back in April and I don’t really feel too bad about letting more folk know about it as it’s a gloriously stupid team up. Kind of like when Hitler, the Red Skull and Henry Kissinger teamed up to fight the Avengers. As a charity initiative, it was a very good idea that was unfortunately crippled by bad planning of which version went where with the lead track ending up on the terrible cassingle format. I’ve posted the PWEI/On-U version in the past, and will post the 808 State & Roberts Owens one at some point as I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t already done so. The rest were fairly forgettable to be honest.

The Schneider TM Experience – Psychedelic Queen. Probably better know for a bleepy downbeat cover of The Smiths There Is A Light, this is a rather more interesting track reworking Queen’s zombie killing anthem in a Suicide style. Schneider TM on ebay.

Electronicat – Amour Salé. I imagine most people are familiar with Tainted Love in the Soft Cell incarnation, it being a cover of a track by Gloria Jones from the 60s. This is a dark and sleazy cover sung in French that’s just ever so slightly disturbing. Like the realisation that you’ve left your 15 year old daughter alone with Serge Gainsbourg. Electronicat items on ebay.

The Divine Comedy – I’ve Been to a Marvellous Party. Neil Hannon covering Noel Coward in the style of Underworld. The Divine Comedy’s store. I’m surprised to see that this track is included on their best of, but there is no inclusion of My Lovely Horse.

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