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And today’s colour is blue.

Latour – Blue : From the pivotal dance scene in Basic Instinct. The movie in which you can see Sharon Stone’s fanny. In the British sense of the word.

Blue Pearl – Naked In The Rain(Jimmy Cauty Pure Trance remix 1)

Herbie Hancock – Bring Down The Birds : Might sound familiar.

The Orb – Blue Room (Ambient Demo at Marks)

Fortran 5 – Bike(Sid Sings Syd) : Cut up samples of Sid James carefully implemented to recreate Syd Barrett’s Bike.

The Frank Popp Ensemble – Hip Teens : Sadly I have some ignorance about Frank Popp other than I heard this on the radio a while ago, and it’s awesome.

Secret Knowledge – Sugar Daddy (Blue version)

Rod Freeman – I Hear A New World : An Atom Heart spinoff IIRC, covering Joe Meek/Telstar’s I Hear A New World. Nothing to do with the Blue Man Group.

Sadly I can’t find Eiffel 65.

Well, I’m not really that sad about it.

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