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System 7 Saturday

I’ve never liked Gong for some reason I’m not really sure about. A deep dislike of them and their fans, but I do like the System 7 stuff that started as a sideproject with Alex Paterson of The Orb. I kind of feel the same way about the Grateful Dead, although without the confict as Jerry Garcia was never involved in an album with someone like Kraftwerk. Well, that’s I’m aware of, any evidence to the contrary would be welcomed. I don’t think it would be that unlikely given that Organisation, the band were formed from were somewhat Psychedelic in sound, but German Psychedelia and American Psychedelia were somewhat different things as far as I know. I don’t really know enough about this region of music to say more, so I’ll shut up now.

System 7 took their name from the version of the Apple operating system that was in use at the time of the band’s formation, however they couldn’t trade under this name in the USA and used the name 777 instead. Confusingly this is also the name of their second album. The first album is an odd affair, with too many songs on it for it’s own good, but there are some standout tracks in Sunburst and Miracle especially and although I haven’t kept track of them fully, the band has produced some great tracks in collaboration with various club luminaries and local favourites.

Alpha Wave(Plastikman Acid House remix) : Capping off Acid House week, a 20 minute minimal workout from Richie Hawtin.

Alex & Steve – Music 2 Funk 2 : A demo version of the track by Steve Hillage and Alex Paterson that was to become their debut single, Sunburst.

Miracle(Orb remix) : Probably one of my most favourite Orb remixes of anything.

7:7 Expansion(Nutritious remix) : Remixed by Tony Thorpe, one member of the Moody Boyz and 400 Blows.

Depth Disco : Issued as a promo, but not on the first album(or any others I think). I think this was probably reworked into something else, but I can’t be sure.

Interstate(David Holmes remix) : Interstate is based on a sample of NEU!’s Hallogallo, and is the only sanctioned usage of an NEU! sample, IIRC.

Sirenes(Carl Craig remix) : From a bonus CD that shipped with System Express, a kind of remixed greatest hits compilation. I wasn’t entirely surprised when opening the CD case and a grass seed fell out.

Remixed by System 7:

Mike Oldfield : Mike Oldfield must have lost a bet with his record company or something, of this era he was remixed by the Orb, System 7, Jam & Spoon and Hardfloor among others.

Ozric Tentacles.


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Rest in Piece Tony Wilson.

Drop That Ghetto Blaster

Bending the concept of Acid House Week ever so slightly as I’ve kind of gone overboard with the tracks instead of just working with the initial list of 21 I had, today is about S’Express(or S’Xpress).

As I remember, Mark Moore’s band were notable as the first “acid house” outfit to reach number one in the UK charts with the Theme From S’Express. It’s presented here in a Carl Craig remix from a few years ago.

Superfly Guy(Fluffy Bagel remix) : a stripped down workout centered around the main hook of the track.

Also, I’m reposting the Andrew Weatherall remix of Find’Em Fool’Em Forget’Em as it was fairly popular, and seems to be one that folk are still looking for if my access logs are anything to go by.

Hey Music Lover – The Glass Cut : Remixed by Philip Glass. Hey Music Lover features the vocals of Billie Ray Martin, probably best remembered as the vocalist for Electribe 101.

Mantra For A State of Mind(The Baby Ford Experience) : I used to have this on a 7″ single, it played at 33 if I remember correctly. One thing I will miss about vinyl in the future other than the tactility of it is the double groove where you could have two tracks on one side of a record. While writing this I was wondering if there were ever any triple groove records, and I’ve found a post about this sort of thing talking about a quadruple groove record that was a game. I kind of doubt there were any serious records that made use of more than a double groove as you would lessen the available time for the recording for every groove, and with a 7″ single played at 33 you would be hard pushed to fit more than about 12 minutes on one of the grooves.

Another interesting trick on a Beats International 12″(probably Dub Be Good To Me) was a locked groove with recording of pops and hisses that were common on a record, this one created a fairly simple but effective rhythm if you left it to play.

The previous sentences will no doubt be completely meaningless in the next few years.

It’s All Out(Sunsonic remix) : Remixed by the previously mentioned Sunsonic. One of only a handful of remixes from them.

Todays Phuture Track : Hardfloor featuring Phuture 303 – Hardfloor Will Survive.

S’Express items on ebay. From the number of results for S’Express versus S’Xpress, it looks as if the former is the preferred spelling.

Don’t you know that you’re toxic

Chancers day. The folk that popped up to soak up the goodwill and generally not leave the party in good time. These represent examples of getting there too late, especially the one time dentist turned House Visionary – Guru Josh. Infinity should have been a warning sign to everyone, not a top ten hit.

Gary Haisman and Dancin’ Danny D mock the charts with their gurning antics. Not to say that D-Mob were particularly bad, as they were instrumental in the career of the very lovely Cathy Dennis, and without her we wouldn’t have Brittney’s Toxic or Kylie’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.

Work It To The Bone : A good example of annoying everyone with a repeated vocal sample.

Acid Maaan : Jolly Roger was perhaps better known as ‘Evil’ Eddie Richards, long time engineer for The Shamen. However, this doesn’t really represent his best work.

Longsy D’s House Sound – This is Ska : An inventive attempt at fusion, but not a great one.

Everybody Out! Someone’s gone and let Samantha Fox in.

Today’s Phuture track is Your Only Friend, also known as Cocaine in some parts. This track was the original B-Side to Acid Trax, IIRC.

I didn’t post Infinity as I had forgotten which CD it was on when compiling these tracks, however, I do have his cover of Louie Louie to hand for some reason.

Guru Josh – Louie Louie : described by a friend as “a hobo causing a traffic jam”.

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Pieces in a modern style


In which I post some tracks that don’t originate from the late ’80s but make good use of our friend the 303.

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker(Acid Edit). Needs no introduction. Especially not one with a man in a bikini.

Fatboy Slim – Everybody Needs a 303 : Once upon a time he was the happy one in the fairly dour Housemartins, but left to record on his own(with Billy Bragg singing), and later as Beats International. As one of the first wave of Big Beat artists, an early recording under the Fatboy Slim moniker was this, a directive to dance. Personally I don’t care for a great deal of his output, but there is always the odd gem like this. It was subsequently re-released as Everybody Loves A Filter & Everybody Loves A Carnival, but I’m not so fond of those.

Hardfloor – Lost In The Silver Box : From 1994, possibly the greatest example of post Acid House Acid House.

Jean-Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert – Moog Acid(Jackson And His Computer Band remix) : Jackson and his Computer Band appear to be current bloggy darlings due to a very clever remix of Justice – D.A.N.C.E., but Jackson’s album SMASH is well worth a listen.

LFO – Tied Up(Acid remix) : I’m sure Mark Bell was delighted when the US boy band Lyte Fluffy Ones first appeared on the scene. I hope there’s someone out there that downloads and listens to this expecting insipid manufactured pop.

Spank Rock – Bump(Pink Skull remix) : A fairly recent Acidic rework of a particularly filthy Amanda Blank vocal. Like putting one of those 9v batteries on your tongue. Or other bits if that’s what you like.

Bonus Phuture Pheature : Slam.

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New Order – Confusion(808 State Acid House remix) : From back when A Guy Called Gerald was a member of the group. A bit more about that here. Not produced for mass market, but released on Rephlex a few years ago.

808 State – Flow Coma : As with yesterday’s DJ Pierre – Box Energy, this was overhauled by AFX a few years ago. Again, I don’t think it’s all that good compared to the original.

Baby Ford – Oochy Koochy(Konrad Cadet mix). Peter ‘Baby’ Ford is one of the artists that probably is glad to have avoided the limelight and get on with his own thing.

You wouldn’t really expect a collaboration between Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s dancer and two guys from ABC to strip the walls, but it does.

Humanoid – Cry Baby : Possibly better remembered for Stakker (Humanoid), Humanoid went on to become the Future Sound of London. My Humanoid anecdote is as follows, when I were a lad in Glasgow listening to Radio Clyde, the dance show or whatever it was that would play this sort of music had a remix competition to win a set of decks or something. The competition was won by Humanoid’s dad.

Bonus phuture pheature: Spank Spank.



Sticking with the early American stuff for today, I’ll post some of the British originated tracks tomorrow.

DJ Pierre – Box Energy : There’s an Aphex Twin mix of the following on 2 remixes by AFX. It’s the one with the Cockney Raver sample, but not a patch on the original, IMO.

Steve Poindexter – Computer Madness : I’m not certain where this version of the track originates(well, other than the compilation in question), as the original issue of the track is 4:14 or thereabouts according to discogs.

Maurice – This Is Acid : AKA Maurice Joshua. Coincidentally there’s a Sunday Newspaper giveaway going on in the UK for a Bananarama Greatest Hits, and it reminded me of this. The Sunday papers give away CDs almost every week these days and are establishing themselves as one of the largest distributors of music CDs. See the Prince CD giveaway 2 or 3 weeks ago to realise that the normal distributors are now afraid of having their lunches eaten.

Bonus Phuture Pheature:

Phuture – We Are Phuture

Phuture items on ebay. Phuture Assassins were also quite good, but they were of the UK Hardcore House stuff from the early 90s and nothing like either Acid House or US Hardcore. I’ll possibly do something about that strain of music in future, or at the very least the Shut Up And Dance label.

Get right on one matey.

Later this year marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Phuture’s Acid Trax, and to celebrate this DJ Pierre has revisted the track along with assistance from Green Velvet and Paul Woolford.

I’ve put together a few of my favourite examples to go along with this. I’ll try to go through them in some sort of chronological order moving up to present day, but I’ll surely get something wrong between here and there, or I’ll just stop trying to do that and just post three tracks a day under the general banner.

Adonis – The Poke

Fast Eddie – Acid Thunder(Rocky Jones Aa Aaacid remix)

Robert Owens – Living In A Land

Clippings blagged from Jane Bussman’s wonderful book of the time, Once In A Lifetime. 15 quid secondhand from Amazon, and worth it if you were there or around those parts at the time. It’s a great book.


Acid House items from ebay.

Possibly veering a bit too much into trancey town with this one, but it happens. There was a time when trance was resonably interesting, but then someone invented a machine that makes very boring trance music and Paul Oakenfold’s previously promising output died. Or maybe I just didn’t get it because I was too old for that scene. I think it was at the time that William Orbit’s Pieces In A Modern Style was re-released with a trance mix by Ferry Corsten that I just gave up on a lot of electronic music.

Anyway, Jam and Spoon first came to my attention with Stella, and I imagine a lot of other’s attention too. They went on to remix The Age of Love and Moby most notably, with Moby returning the favour on the Barracuda mixes of Stella.

Moby – Go (In Dub)

The Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Sign Of The Time Mix)

A couple of years later came Tripomatic Fairytales 2001 & 2002, two fairly different albums. One was fairly commerical clubby trance music, and the other was more of a chillout or ambient album(2002). 2002 is still quite interesting, if a bit dated whereas the first one hasn’t aged so well with quite a lot of vocal trance tracks.

Also of this time they were commissioned to remix Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Relax, but it was a bit of an uncomfortable fit.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (Jam & Spoon HI N-R-G Mix)

The following year saw remixes of New Order’s Blue Monday, taking the original and turning it into a bit of an initially odd, strung out interpretation. Sharing space on the 12″ with the Hardfloor remix ensured their takes were kind of overlooked though.

New Order – Blue Monday(Andrea remix)

After this, they contributed to the Hands On Yello project with a great take on You Gotta Say Yes.


And then I kind of missed what they were doing for a while, barring Stella re-appearing with a raft of remixes.

Stella – Westbam remix.

In 2000, as part of the Giorgio Moroder remix project, they contributed a remix of The Chase from Midnight Express, a track which proved to be extremely popular in the US.

Giorgio Moroder – The Chase (Jam & Spoon Club Mix)

In 2004, they released a unashamedly pop album, with contributions from the likes of Plavka, Jim Kerr of Simple Minds and Tricky. Although probably not really a disc for their long time fans, it’s definately a well implemented showcase of their skills.

And in 2006, Mark Spoon sadly died of a heart attack at the young age of 39. The highlight of their career for me was a track from just before they started getting noticed, and it’s still one I enjoy hearing to this day.

Jam and Spoon – Follow Me!


I think someone requested this a while back, but I until now I had forgotten about it.

Jah Wobble ft. Sinead O’Connor – Visions Of You(The Secret Lovechild of Hank and Johnny), remixed by Andrew Weatherall.

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