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Following up last week’s requests, as I’m still too busy with my real job to spend a lot of time on anything inventive.

Acen – Window In The Sky(Krystal Fairground) : Fairgrounds and over the top breakbeat techno were made for each other. And strobes. There’s nothing quite as bewildering as 140 BPM music and mentalist light shows while being spun around every axis known to exist.

Apollo 440 – Liquid Cool(Space -320° Biostatic Ambient mix Part 1). I could only find the first part of this.

Bocca Juniors – Substance : Not explicitly a request, but as I get a lot of hits for Raise I might as well put the other one up.

Botany 5 – Love Bomb(LFO mix 4) : I remember not really enjoying this at the time, but it sounds quite good to me now, if dated. It’s very early LFO, so you can probably guess what it sounds like in your head.

Cabaret Voltaire – Nag Nag Nag(Tiga & Zyntherius Radio mix) : By far the most searched for mp3 I’ve posted for some reason. I can only guess that it’s the mention of Tiga and not the fact that’s it is by Cabaret Voltaire.

Children Of The Night – We Play Ska : I knew those Deep Heat compilations would come in handy one day. I can’t believe there was more than one record with a marriage of Acid House and Ska.

Corporation of One – The Real Life : Sampling Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody and Simple Minds – Theme For Great Cities. I realise that hailing from Glasgow I should probably think muchly of Simple Minds, but what those of you originating outside of the city don’t realise is that we’re taught to hate anyone successful. That’s why Billy Connolly hates coming back. I must admit a weakness for Theme for Great Cities, but I’m 1000 miles away and can get away with a slight nod of appreciation without getting booted in the balls for being gay. Also, Jim Kerr doesn’t sing on it and there are remixes by Fluke and Fila Brazillia, so that’s a plus in my book. On the minus side, a remix of I Travel by Utah Saints. I’ll post those at another time as I’m already up to 16 tracks today.

Garden of Eden – Serpent in the Garden

Kirlian Camera – Edges(Dance version)

Natalie Imbruglia – Smoke(Alister Whitehead’s Pan Fried remix) : Again, a half acheived result as there are another couple of mixes out there.

New Order – Regret : slow and fast variations. I’m not sure if this is from the same time period as the Adrenalin/Endorphin mixes of Bjork’s One Day as it’s a similar idea.

Overnite – The Time Has Come : Hoover music in the house. I wanna kiss myself.

That Petrol Emotion – Hey Venus(Mad Thatcher remix) : Again not a request, but a track I’ve been looking for personally for a while, and it’s an early Weatherall/Sabres/Hugo Nicolson track. Sadly only an edit in this version. Updated with the full length version.

Happy Mondays – W.F.L.(Vince Clarke remix) : This had me digging out an old Happy Mondays Best Of CD that I remembered had Vince Clarke’s W.F.L. remix on it. The booklet had a picture of the naked older woman from the sleeve of Bummed in it but only her top half. I would search for the sleeve on Google, but then I thought that the phrase bummed might turn up some rather unsavoury images around that, so decided otherwise.

David Booie

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