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This is a not dead post as I’m swamped with work and can’t really spend any time thinking about music, so by searching through my file for the keyword North, this is what you get.

The JAMMS – It’s Grim Up North – originally released as a limited edition grey vinyl 12″, this features vocals from Pete Wylie most famous for Wah! and the Crucial Three with Ian Mc Culloch & Julian Cope, but also reportedly the writer of the Imperfect List. The later official release of the track featured Bill Drummond on vocals, and a slightly reworked lyric if I remember correctly. I can’t check right now as I’ve mislaid that version. One of the changes was the removal of Castlemilk and perhaps one other Scottish location(Neilston ?), instead focusing on the North of England instead.

Northside – Shall We Take A Trip? : Oh god, why do I have this on CD?

Frank Sidebottom – Hit The North : Frank Sidebottom still exists, although on Channel M on Sky TV and probably only has about 3 fans. No change there then.

The Fall – Hit The North(Part 6 Double Six mix) : You wouldn’t really think of Mark E. Smith as someone with an interest in dancey tracks, but here you go. Also, this was requested.

Coldcut featuring The Fall – Telephone Thing : This was originally issued as a promo with the attributed name, although I think it was eventually just Coldcut & Mark E. Smith when the track was released.

Coldcut – My Telephone, Telephone Thing is a reworking of this track. My Telephone features vocals from Lisa Stansfield, well known for her Ai ai ai ai ai, can’t find my baby vocals as well as previous work with Coldcut.

And to finish, D.O.S.E. featuring Mark E. Smith – Plug Myself In : This was released on PWL, features a bunch of remixes from people I’ve never heard of and is probably the noisiest CD I’ve put in the computer.

I met Mark E. Smith once. I was trying to avoid punches thrown by him towards Buster Bloodvessel on New Years Eve at Glasgow University one year.

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