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Not that I’m trying to go all Tiger Tim’s Request show in here, but I’ve had a couple of people ask me for some tracks and I’m happy to compile those into this post as I’m in a housecleaning mood. If I missed your request, I must apologise.

Rhythmatic – Nu Groove

The House Crew – We Are Hardcore

The House Crew – Euphoria

DMS – Exterminate

And although this wasn’t a request, if we’re doing Production House this is one of my favourites : Acen – A Trip To The Moon(The Darkside) There’s a fantastic sample in this.

Ad Infinitum – Telstar

Ad Infinitum – In A Piano Bar

Koto – Visitors(Vocal remix)

The Orb – Blue Room(Frank De Wulf remix)

The Orb & Robbie Williams – I Started A Joke

Fluke – Atom Bomb(Atomix 5)

Fluke – Groovy Feeling(Lolly Gobble Choc Bomb)

Fluke – Electric Guitar(Vibrochamp)

Fluke/Tears For Fears – Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams

Ninjaman – Zig It Up

And to close, if there is something you think I might have then please post below and I’ll follow up next week.

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