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A few tracks from the Shut Up And Dance label today, a potted history of the band can be found over at their own site.

I could have sworn I had their debut track, 5,6,7,8 somewhere but it eludes me so far. I’ll maybe post it later if I find it.

Rum & Black : Legal Stations.

Shut Up And Dance – Lamborghini

Ragga Twins – Hooligan 69 (remix)

Ragga Twins – Wipe The Needle

And finally, Shut Up And Dance’s radical re-interpretation of Marc CohnCher‘s Walking In Memphis. Raving, I’m Raving.

This almost destroyed the label as the band didn’t bother seeking permission from the record label for the Walking In Memphis melody. They did make it to number one on the UK charts with the track, but the week they were number one they couldn’t use the original tune and it was a rather different version of the track with an uncomfortable looking Peter Bouncer. This appearance doesn’t seem to be on youtube, so I might have dreamt it.

Bonus cash in terribleness : New Order – Blue Monday (Sunkist version)

Shut Up And Dance items on ebay.

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