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While looking for something last night I stumbled across a couple of “remixes” I created at some point in the past. These are ambient and dance reworking of the first two parts of Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music and really shouldn’t be downloaded unless you’re feeling particularly eager for punishment or a big fan of the originals. Or maybe you hate the originals with a passion and really want to hear alternative interpretations of the work.

Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music Part 1(stx ambient remix)

Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music Part 2(stx dance remix)

I never did get round to a dub version. Or an accapella.

Also from around the same time, a Steve ReichStockhausen/Plastikman mashup : Helickopters. This one almost works, as there are some points where the tracks align well. I did much the same thing with Poppy Nogood & Plastikman’s Spastik which I remember being rather more successful but I don’t seem to have a copy of that anymore.

Probably for the best to be honest.

Metal Machine Music on ebay. I find it rather funny that it’s been remastered. I can’t begin to imagine how that might have been achieved.

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