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I think posting Orb tracks will end up as an ongoing feature as I don’t anticipate that uploading a load of tracks by the same artist over the space of one week is going to endear me to that artist’s record company.

If I uploaded all of the KLF’s catalogue I don’t really know who would be annoyed, but with The Orb there is still someone with a controlling interest and I don’t want Alex Paterson coming round to my house and beating me up.

Space : Space was a collaboration between Jimmy Cauty & Alex Paterson that initially formed the basis for the Orb’s intended debut album. For reasons unknown, Alex and Jimmy split this version of the band, and Jimmy erased Alex’ contributions to the album. It was then released as Space.

Tripping On Sunshine : From The Orb’s First EP, Kiss Your Love.

Little Fluffy Clouds(Inner Master) : Probably the most known Orb track, for the Rickie Lee Jones sample and resulting furore if nothing else. Remixed here by Coldcut.

Once More(Scourge of the Earth) : Remixed by Jimmy Cauty.

Radio 5 : From the Orblivion album*, a track which may have indirectly inspired the next track from Annie Nightingale’s Y4K compilation.

The Orb and Alan Parker – Grey Clouds.

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* Not from the Orblivion album, I’m not sure where this comes from. Nor how I’ve ended up with it.

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