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In support of Julian Cope’s Peggy Suicide album, three of the tracks were remixed by Hugo Nicholson(Sabres of Paradise et al. engineer) and released as limited edition 12″ singles.


Easty Ridin’ (East Easy Rider)


L.U.V. (Beautiful Love)


Heed : Of Penetration and the City Dweller (Head)

I don’t think these were ever collected, and they’re fairly interesting pieces in the whole Sabres/Weatherall/Aloof cloud of works, IMO.

Julian Cope items on ebay.

Post-script edit, listening to Easty Risin’ again makes me think that it is sampled by Four Tet for Smile Around The Face. There’s a great if slightly depressing video for this track featuring Mark Heap on youtube. I do kind of suspect the rhythm piece might be from something else though.

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