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Talizman – Only You


I don’t know who Talizman are or were, but they made a great piece of music that is still delightful to this day. Somewhat of an anomaly among the mainly progressive house roster of Cowboy Records, this still sounds pretty good today. The flip side is a fairly rote progressive house track although it was good at the time.

Only You(Original Boot Knock Mix)

Only You(Only House Mix)

And as always, check out ebay if you’re looking for a copy of it.

Following up last week’s requests, as I’m still too busy with my real job to spend a lot of time on anything inventive.

Acen – Window In The Sky(Krystal Fairground) : Fairgrounds and over the top breakbeat techno were made for each other. And strobes. There’s nothing quite as bewildering as 140 BPM music and mentalist light shows while being spun around every axis known to exist.

Apollo 440 – Liquid Cool(Space -320° Biostatic Ambient mix Part 1). I could only find the first part of this.

Bocca Juniors – Substance : Not explicitly a request, but as I get a lot of hits for Raise I might as well put the other one up.

Botany 5 – Love Bomb(LFO mix 4) : I remember not really enjoying this at the time, but it sounds quite good to me now, if dated. It’s very early LFO, so you can probably guess what it sounds like in your head.

Cabaret Voltaire – Nag Nag Nag(Tiga & Zyntherius Radio mix) : By far the most searched for mp3 I’ve posted for some reason. I can only guess that it’s the mention of Tiga and not the fact that’s it is by Cabaret Voltaire.

Children Of The Night – We Play Ska : I knew those Deep Heat compilations would come in handy one day. I can’t believe there was more than one record with a marriage of Acid House and Ska.

Corporation of One – The Real Life : Sampling Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody and Simple Minds – Theme For Great Cities. I realise that hailing from Glasgow I should probably think muchly of Simple Minds, but what those of you originating outside of the city don’t realise is that we’re taught to hate anyone successful. That’s why Billy Connolly hates coming back. I must admit a weakness for Theme for Great Cities, but I’m 1000 miles away and can get away with a slight nod of appreciation without getting booted in the balls for being gay. Also, Jim Kerr doesn’t sing on it and there are remixes by Fluke and Fila Brazillia, so that’s a plus in my book. On the minus side, a remix of I Travel by Utah Saints. I’ll post those at another time as I’m already up to 16 tracks today.

Garden of Eden – Serpent in the Garden

Kirlian Camera – Edges(Dance version)

Natalie Imbruglia – Smoke(Alister Whitehead’s Pan Fried remix) : Again, a half acheived result as there are another couple of mixes out there.

New Order – Regret : slow and fast variations. I’m not sure if this is from the same time period as the Adrenalin/Endorphin mixes of Bjork’s One Day as it’s a similar idea.

Overnite – The Time Has Come : Hoover music in the house. I wanna kiss myself.

That Petrol Emotion – Hey Venus(Mad Thatcher remix) : Again not a request, but a track I’ve been looking for personally for a while, and it’s an early Weatherall/Sabres/Hugo Nicolson track. Sadly only an edit in this version. Updated with the full length version.

Happy Mondays – W.F.L.(Vince Clarke remix) : This had me digging out an old Happy Mondays Best Of CD that I remembered had Vince Clarke’s W.F.L. remix on it. The booklet had a picture of the naked older woman from the sleeve of Bummed in it but only her top half. I would search for the sleeve on Google, but then I thought that the phrase bummed might turn up some rather unsavoury images around that, so decided otherwise.

David Booie

This is a remix of an older post from May of this year.

Finitribe were an Edinburgh band, originally somewhat of an agit-prop group sampling Foghorn Leghorn and rallying against McDonalds and corporate culture.

Whoo Yeah.

After the UK was soaked in MDMA in the late 80s, the band mellowed into more of a dance oriented group building tracks that were aimed at the feet. Signed to One Little Indian, they released several 12 inches that were good on the dancefloor, but despite remixes from folk such as Youth, Andrew Weatherall, Justin Robertson & Steve Osbourne they never approached the critical success they really needed to pass in the public eye.

Whoo Yeah.

The album An Unexpected Groovy Treat soon followed, but short of hovering around the edge of the album charts it didn’t really pick up the sales it should have. A second album for One Little Indian, Sheigra, followed but again it didn’t do much to keep them around.

Whoo Yeah.

Supposedly feeling let down by One Little Indian’s marketing(or possibly just let go), they released a 12″ with new versions of Monster In The House/101 on their own label Finiflex.

Whoo Yeah.

To this day, Finiflex exists as a modern recording studio in Edinburgh with various clients making use of the facilities.

Whoo Yeah.

101(Sonic Shuffle remix) : remixed by Andrew Weatherall.

Ace, Love, Deuce : remixed by Steve Osbourne, I think. I have some real problems trying to spell deuce. I’m still not convinced that’s right.

De-Testimony : See also The Bells. I think The Bells was sampled by the Orb for their reworking of The Grid’s Crystal Clear.

Electrolux(Peel Session) : Music would be so much duller without John Peel’s influence. Probably the most upset I’ve been about hearing about someone dying.

Monster In The House

Monster In The House(Catch The Whistle)

Buy Finitribe items at Amazon.

Whoo Yeah.

Hit The Arcades

This is a not dead post as I’m swamped with work and can’t really spend any time thinking about music, so by searching through my file for the keyword North, this is what you get.

The JAMMS – It’s Grim Up North – originally released as a limited edition grey vinyl 12″, this features vocals from Pete Wylie most famous for Wah! and the Crucial Three with Ian Mc Culloch & Julian Cope, but also reportedly the writer of the Imperfect List. The later official release of the track featured Bill Drummond on vocals, and a slightly reworked lyric if I remember correctly. I can’t check right now as I’ve mislaid that version. One of the changes was the removal of Castlemilk and perhaps one other Scottish location(Neilston ?), instead focusing on the North of England instead.

Northside – Shall We Take A Trip? : Oh god, why do I have this on CD?

Frank Sidebottom – Hit The North : Frank Sidebottom still exists, although on Channel M on Sky TV and probably only has about 3 fans. No change there then.

The Fall – Hit The North(Part 6 Double Six mix) : You wouldn’t really think of Mark E. Smith as someone with an interest in dancey tracks, but here you go. Also, this was requested.

Coldcut featuring The Fall – Telephone Thing : This was originally issued as a promo with the attributed name, although I think it was eventually just Coldcut & Mark E. Smith when the track was released.

Coldcut – My Telephone, Telephone Thing is a reworking of this track. My Telephone features vocals from Lisa Stansfield, well known for her Ai ai ai ai ai, can’t find my baby vocals as well as previous work with Coldcut.

And to finish, D.O.S.E. featuring Mark E. Smith – Plug Myself In : This was released on PWL, features a bunch of remixes from people I’ve never heard of and is probably the noisiest CD I’ve put in the computer.

I met Mark E. Smith once. I was trying to avoid punches thrown by him towards Buster Bloodvessel on New Years Eve at Glasgow University one year.

I didnt see that the joke was on me.

Not that I’m trying to go all Tiger Tim’s Request show in here, but I’ve had a couple of people ask me for some tracks and I’m happy to compile those into this post as I’m in a housecleaning mood. If I missed your request, I must apologise.

Rhythmatic – Nu Groove

The House Crew – We Are Hardcore

The House Crew – Euphoria

DMS – Exterminate

And although this wasn’t a request, if we’re doing Production House this is one of my favourites : Acen – A Trip To The Moon(The Darkside) There’s a fantastic sample in this.

Ad Infinitum – Telstar

Ad Infinitum – In A Piano Bar

Koto – Visitors(Vocal remix)

The Orb – Blue Room(Frank De Wulf remix)

The Orb & Robbie Williams – I Started A Joke

Fluke – Atom Bomb(Atomix 5)

Fluke – Groovy Feeling(Lolly Gobble Choc Bomb)

Fluke – Electric Guitar(Vibrochamp)

Fluke/Tears For Fears – Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams

Ninjaman – Zig It Up

And to close, if there is something you think I might have then please post below and I’ll follow up next week.

I mentioned Smith & Mighty before in the context of a Tricky/Massive Attack post as they were part of the Bristol scene, but I didn’t quite clarify the connection as I wasn’t entirely certain where the crossover was. I’ve since read that Smith & Mighty produced Massive Attack’s first single, Any Love. At that time I posted Fresh 4’s Wishing On A Star that was produced by Smith & Mighty, so here it is again in a more relevant context.

Sadly they were prevented from making any real waves during their earlier career due to what seems to have been issues with their record company of the time, instead working under the alias More Rockers and producing more of a Drum & Bass sound in comparision to the mellow dubby techno. Their sound evolved in a different direction from the rave sound that was fairly prevalent in the UK at the time, and it’s a welcome change.


Walk On

Move You Run(Blue & Red)

Same(Ashley Beedle’s Afroart remix)

Remixes :

Fine Young Cannibals – I’m Not The Man I Used To Be(Smith & Mighty remix)

Silent Poets -Talk Is Toy(Smith & Mighty remix)

Ragga Twins – Freedom Train(Smith & Mighty remix)

Up, Bustle & Out – Back The Deal(Smith & Mighty remix)

Smith & Mighty items on ebay

A few tracks from the Shut Up And Dance label today, a potted history of the band can be found over at their own site.

I could have sworn I had their debut track, 5,6,7,8 somewhere but it eludes me so far. I’ll maybe post it later if I find it.

Rum & Black : Legal Stations.

Shut Up And Dance – Lamborghini

Ragga Twins – Hooligan 69 (remix)

Ragga Twins – Wipe The Needle

And finally, Shut Up And Dance’s radical re-interpretation of Marc CohnCher‘s Walking In Memphis. Raving, I’m Raving.

This almost destroyed the label as the band didn’t bother seeking permission from the record label for the Walking In Memphis melody. They did make it to number one on the UK charts with the track, but the week they were number one they couldn’t use the original tune and it was a rather different version of the track with an uncomfortable looking Peter Bouncer. This appearance doesn’t seem to be on youtube, so I might have dreamt it.

Bonus cash in terribleness : New Order – Blue Monday (Sunkist version)

Shut Up And Dance items on ebay.

Mental Machine Music

While looking for something last night I stumbled across a couple of “remixes” I created at some point in the past. These are ambient and dance reworking of the first two parts of Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music and really shouldn’t be downloaded unless you’re feeling particularly eager for punishment or a big fan of the originals. Or maybe you hate the originals with a passion and really want to hear alternative interpretations of the work.

Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music Part 1(stx ambient remix)

Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music Part 2(stx dance remix)

I never did get round to a dub version. Or an accapella.

Also from around the same time, a Steve ReichStockhausen/Plastikman mashup : Helickopters. This one almost works, as there are some points where the tracks align well. I did much the same thing with Poppy Nogood & Plastikman’s Spastik which I remember being rather more successful but I don’t seem to have a copy of that anymore.

Probably for the best to be honest.

Metal Machine Music on ebay. I find it rather funny that it’s been remastered. I can’t begin to imagine how that might have been achieved.

Little Fluffy Dice

I think posting Orb tracks will end up as an ongoing feature as I don’t anticipate that uploading a load of tracks by the same artist over the space of one week is going to endear me to that artist’s record company.

If I uploaded all of the KLF’s catalogue I don’t really know who would be annoyed, but with The Orb there is still someone with a controlling interest and I don’t want Alex Paterson coming round to my house and beating me up.

Space : Space was a collaboration between Jimmy Cauty & Alex Paterson that initially formed the basis for the Orb’s intended debut album. For reasons unknown, Alex and Jimmy split this version of the band, and Jimmy erased Alex’ contributions to the album. It was then released as Space.

Tripping On Sunshine : From The Orb’s First EP, Kiss Your Love.

Little Fluffy Clouds(Inner Master) : Probably the most known Orb track, for the Rickie Lee Jones sample and resulting furore if nothing else. Remixed here by Coldcut.

Once More(Scourge of the Earth) : Remixed by Jimmy Cauty.

Radio 5 : From the Orblivion album*, a track which may have indirectly inspired the next track from Annie Nightingale’s Y4K compilation.

The Orb and Alan Parker – Grey Clouds.

Buy items by The Orb on ebay.

* Not from the Orblivion album, I’m not sure where this comes from. Nor how I’ve ended up with it.

Julian Cope remixes

In support of Julian Cope’s Peggy Suicide album, three of the tracks were remixed by Hugo Nicholson(Sabres of Paradise et al. engineer) and released as limited edition 12″ singles.


Easty Ridin’ (East Easy Rider)


L.U.V. (Beautiful Love)


Heed : Of Penetration and the City Dweller (Head)

I don’t think these were ever collected, and they’re fairly interesting pieces in the whole Sabres/Weatherall/Aloof cloud of works, IMO.

Julian Cope items on ebay.

Post-script edit, listening to Easty Risin’ again makes me think that it is sampled by Four Tet for Smile Around The Face. There’s a great if slightly depressing video for this track featuring Mark Heap on youtube. I do kind of suspect the rhythm piece might be from something else though.