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Along with Mark Moore, Tim Simenon was one of the first people to be identified as a DJ as rockstar. Not that this was a particularly bad thing, but the press of the time wanted blood after the Acid House wars of 1988, with the evil E eating our pop children. Bill Drummond didn’t help with his attack on human record players in Select Number 8 or whichever issue it was. He was right though, look at someone like Tiesto compared to Steinski.

You’ve heard Beat Dis, everyone has. You could pick out it’s sleeve in an identity parade, although you might mix it up a bit with the cover of the first part of Alan Moore’s Watchmen. The splashes are different though. One is bean juice of a sort, and the other I’ve never really identified. I’ve always figured that someone at the record company though that Rorschach’s badge had the sort of imagery that they wanted to blag, but couldn’t really do it so blatantly.


In this scientifically prepared image, you can see that the sample on the left(taken from Watchmen) is slightly different from the Bomb The Bass sleeve, but curiously seems to be at the same angle. One could comment that it is possibly the same image, but colour adjusted and expanded upon(scribbled on) to avoid copyright issues. To the layman it looks as if it’s been covered with Ketchup. Which is also a bean sauce of sorts.

OK, I’ll shut up now.

Beat Dis(Gangster Boogie)


I have fonder memories of Xenon 2 than I do of the movie, Assault on Precinct 13. Which is kind of a shame as I think it’s probably clouded my judgement against John Carpenter’s movies. But then I remember that I bought the sequel of The Sentinel with a soundtrack by him, and I don’t mind so much.


I was 15 when The Sentinel first appeared. It blew my mind, an incredible piece of software that really pushed the definition of what a game was.

Megablast(Assault on Precinct 13)

Megablast and it’s flip were the first 3D audio tracks as far as I remember, premiered on Tomorrows World and Mark Goodier’s Radio show.

Say A Little Prayer(Get Down and Pray)

Love So True(Depth Charge remix)

After an hiatus period until 1994, the Bomb the Bass name resurfaced for an album called Clear featuring contributions from Sinead O’Connor, Carlton, Justin Warfield among others.

Remixed by the then Dust Brothers, aka the Chemical Brothers.

Bug Powder Dust.

Remixed by audio.out favourite, Major Force.

Darkheart (Major Force remix)

Remixed by Richie Hawtin.

One To One Religion(Richie Hawtin remix)

Although signed to 4th and Broadway they didn’t get much of a commercial push, and the name seemed retired until recently with a Lali Puna collaboration.

Remixes by Bomb The Bass:

Bappi Lahiri – Habiba

Production by Bomb The Bass.

Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance(Breakbeat Sukka remix)

Neneh Cherry is a UK TV Food presenter these days. Although she seems to present a show about Ethnic cookery and African/Caribbean cooking, I could have sworn she was Swedish.

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