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An aircraft pilot crashed his hobby plane into a house not that from here, although having spent pretty much all day in a conference room I wasn’t aware of it until I left the office, which of course leads me to panic when I realise that I hadn’t heard from my wife for most of the day. Anyway, how was your day?

Front 242 – Never Stop(Agony Until Death) The New Bear Revival Starts Here! I did intend to type New Beat, but somehow it’s come out as New Bear, so I’m sticking with that. Maybe the NME will pick up on it. I’d definately pay to see the Klaxons on stage with a bear. Preferably an angry, hungry one. And maybe Mr. Klaxon could dress up as a picernic basket.

Groove Is In The Heart(Bootsified to the Nth Degree) No! Wait! This isn’t quite the version you’re used to. As much as the Earth may be bored of Lady Miss Kier and her Sega bothering schtick, you can’t go wrong with Bootsy babbling over Herbie Hancock’s Wiggle Waggle^WBring Down The Birds. Wiggle Waggle was sampled by King Bee for Back by Dope Demand.

Sub Sub – Jaggernath Sub Sub are probably better known for the dancefloor hit Ain’t No Love(Ain’t No Use), but you likely wouldn’t have heard this My Bloody Valentine sampling track. Sub Sub eventually changed their name to The Doves after their recording studio burned down.

Rotary Connection – Respect Featuring the vocals of Minnie Ripperton, someone possibly best known these days for supplying the Loving You samples that forms the centre of The Orb – A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From the Centre of the Ultraworld, or for Les Fleur, reworked by 4 Hero a few years ago and featuring in a advert for Bailey’s drunky milk or something. However, she doesn’t really deserve to end up as a footnote in this way with such a powerful, distinctive voice.

Edward II and the Red Hot Polkas – Stephen Baldwins 3 Hand Dub(Mad Professor remix) Dub Polka as remixed by the Mad Professor. The sort of thing that used to be played on a Sunday evening by Andy Kershaw back in the days.

And finally, Play loud.

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