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Jeremy Deller had an idea, the idea evolved. This is the result of that evolution. Part of the evolution included a project entitled Acid Brass involving the Williams Fairley Band performing Acid House Anthem “What Time Is Love?” originally recorded by the KLF in 1988.


It would be somewhat churlish to post the full Acid Brass album, especially as it is a demented work of genius that is worth the 5 quid entry fee, but as an alternative I’ve posted the source tracks that are used instead. Although, as before I’ve tried to post versions of the tracks that I haven’t posted before, but I’m probably going to catch myself out someday.

Can U Dance?
Voodoo Ray
Strings Of Life


The Groove That Won’t Stop
Let’s Get Brutal
A Day In The Life / Can U Party?
What Time Is Love?

2K – Fuck The Millennium

Buy Acid Brass from Amazon. Go on.

Milennium Crisis Line: 0890 900 2000 (Calls cost 50p/Min)

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