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Somehow I haven’t mentioned The Grid yet. They take their name from an old disco track by a band called Lime, and their first single for EastWest Records was an edit of the same, On The Grid.

Dave Ball ex of Soft Cell & Richard Norris, probably ex music journo. Richard Norris was responsible for the sleevenotes from the seminal (Acid) House compilation, Flux Trax, which I would urge you to go out and buy if you can. There’s a Flux Trax 2, which I believe I am partly responsible for the content of as I had some issues with the visualiser software that came with Flux Trax and had to contact their technical department who then sent me a copy of the software on a floppy disk. Around this time I said something like “Hey, why don’t you make a second disc with these tracks?” I heard nothing back from them, but somehow most of the tracks I suggested were on Flux Trax 2. File under the same failure file as the Mastercuts Classic Techno that I never got round to compiling and the DC pitch.

Richard Norris can be found these days as part of Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve with Erol Arkan, providing some great re-edits of Love and Peter, Bjorn And John among others. Much as I’m trying to avoid the tracks that everyone is posting, I really need to highlight their remix of Midlake’s Roscoe which is probably the best track I’ve heard all year.

With that said, on to the meat of the post.

The Grid – Flotation(Sonic Swing).

Remixed by Andrew Weatherall, although this is the less common Sonic Swing remix as opposed to the Subsonic Grid version remixed by the same. I’ll post the Subsonic Grid version in the future, but it’s part of an ongoing project that I hope to put to bed before the end of the month.

The Grid – Flotation(Progressive remix)

Remixed by Olimax & DJ Schapps, a couple of oddfellows that rose to some prominence with a remix of Cherrelle & Alexander O’Neal’s Saturday Love called Feelin’ Luv(which I can’t find right now). They were picked up and release a sample heavy* version of the Indeep classic Olimax & DJ Schapps – Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, in particular one track from Koyaanisqatsi. The one that everybody knows. It’s called The Grid.

As I remember Olimax went on to produce some Big Audio Dynamite material before leaping into obscurity.

The Grid – Texas Cowboy(High Plains Prankster remix)

The Prankster being Justin Robertson.

The Grid – Crystal Clear(Clear Like An Unmuddied Lake). Remixed by The Orb. I don’t think I’ve covered the Orb in detail to the same extent as some of the other artists, but I’d need to free up a few gigabytes of bandwidth for that one, so it would be an end of the month blowout.

The Grid ft. Timothy Leary – The Origins of Dance. I must apologise for the audio quality of this (and of some of the other audio.out tracks in general) as it’s taken from a low bit rate vinyl rip from the turn of the century. I encoded some stuff that’s turned out to be fairly difficult to find since then and I’m not sure where the source discs are as I moved from the UK to CH and didn’t bother shipping the vinyl over.

No. I don’t really know why.

The Grid – Boom! The thing I remember particularly about Boom! is that it was very hard to find a copy of, but somehow the sleeve was used to decorate the Smashie & Nicey office for Radio Fab.



Let’s Rock!

Also, a question for anyone that actually reads the posts as opposed to rssucking mp3s.

If I set up a tip jar for 12″s from ebay/discogs, would you give me a pound every so often for science?

We could all be listening to the full ReFratty ReEnergy version of TC 1991 – Berry right now.

Buy items by The Grid from ebay.

* Olimax has since posted that the version of Last Night a DJ Saved My Life doesn’t contain samples as I previously assumed, and that the music was all played although influenced by Philip Glass. My apologies for getting it wrong in the first place.

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