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A spinoff from the British 80s childhood staples of Crash and Zzap!64, LM was an attempt at an adult themed magazine. It covered things like A Clockwork Orange(which wasn’t available in the UK at the time), Stump, The Blow Monkeys, Paula Yates, Viz, Prince & Star Trek without resorting to the Phwoarr! TITS! tactics that made Loaded what it is.


At 16, it was as full of culture and ideas as I could have asked for, although if you could overlook the Level 42 mention that would be ideal. The magazine seemed to find it’s niche with the readers but the advertisers weren’t having it and only 4 1/2 issues were published, which was a shame as it really signalled the end of Newsfield magazines and led to the demise of the aforementioned computer magazines pretty quickly.


Search ebay for items by Stump.

There wasn’t much of a point ot this, other than to upload the covers as I found them on ebay.

Bocca Juniors – Raise(Tackhead remix)

Cabaret Voltaire – Nag Nag Nag(Tiga & Zyntherius remix)

Bob Marley – Exodus(Rebel MC remix)

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