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One for the “Oh, I didn’t know that” box I’ve just learned of. Driveaway was rolling round my head earlier today, and I had a look to find out what happened to Sunsonic. Once existing as the Flowerpot Men, the band renamed themselves to Sunsonic and released a few singles and an album, however they were ultimately unsuccessful and split. The bit I didn’t know is that Ben went on to become a member of Juno Reactor, a band that probably can coast along on their royalties from the soundtrack to the Matrix Reloaded, in particular for the Burly Brawl scene. As you can probably surmise from the usual list of suspects named as remixers and collaborators, they were quite popular around these parts.

Driveaway(808 State remix)

Kind of Loving(Kicking North remix)

Roll My Body(Jimmy Cauty remix)

Juno Reactor – High Energy Protons

Juno Reactor – Pistolero(Fluke remix)

Fatima Mansions – The Loyaliser(Into Thinner Air With Juno Reactor)

Additionally, Ben recorded as Electrotete and was also one part of Apollo XI.

Electrotete – I Love You(Orb remix)

Apollo XI – Peace In The Middle East(Is This Really The Orb? mix)

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Along with Mark Moore, Tim Simenon was one of the first people to be identified as a DJ as rockstar. Not that this was a particularly bad thing, but the press of the time wanted blood after the Acid House wars of 1988, with the evil E eating our pop children. Bill Drummond didn’t help with his attack on human record players in Select Number 8 or whichever issue it was. He was right though, look at someone like Tiesto compared to Steinski.

You’ve heard Beat Dis, everyone has. You could pick out it’s sleeve in an identity parade, although you might mix it up a bit with the cover of the first part of Alan Moore’s Watchmen. The splashes are different though. One is bean juice of a sort, and the other I’ve never really identified. I’ve always figured that someone at the record company though that Rorschach’s badge had the sort of imagery that they wanted to blag, but couldn’t really do it so blatantly.


In this scientifically prepared image, you can see that the sample on the left(taken from Watchmen) is slightly different from the Bomb The Bass sleeve, but curiously seems to be at the same angle. One could comment that it is possibly the same image, but colour adjusted and expanded upon(scribbled on) to avoid copyright issues. To the layman it looks as if it’s been covered with Ketchup. Which is also a bean sauce of sorts.

OK, I’ll shut up now.

Beat Dis(Gangster Boogie)


I have fonder memories of Xenon 2 than I do of the movie, Assault on Precinct 13. Which is kind of a shame as I think it’s probably clouded my judgement against John Carpenter’s movies. But then I remember that I bought the sequel of The Sentinel with a soundtrack by him, and I don’t mind so much.


I was 15 when The Sentinel first appeared. It blew my mind, an incredible piece of software that really pushed the definition of what a game was.

Megablast(Assault on Precinct 13)

Megablast and it’s flip were the first 3D audio tracks as far as I remember, premiered on Tomorrows World and Mark Goodier’s Radio show.

Say A Little Prayer(Get Down and Pray)

Love So True(Depth Charge remix)

After an hiatus period until 1994, the Bomb the Bass name resurfaced for an album called Clear featuring contributions from Sinead O’Connor, Carlton, Justin Warfield among others.

Remixed by the then Dust Brothers, aka the Chemical Brothers.

Bug Powder Dust.

Remixed by audio.out favourite, Major Force.

Darkheart (Major Force remix)

Remixed by Richie Hawtin.

One To One Religion(Richie Hawtin remix)

Although signed to 4th and Broadway they didn’t get much of a commercial push, and the name seemed retired until recently with a Lali Puna collaboration.

Remixes by Bomb The Bass:

Bappi Lahiri – Habiba

Production by Bomb The Bass.

Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance(Breakbeat Sukka remix)

Neneh Cherry is a UK TV Food presenter these days. Although she seems to present a show about Ethnic cookery and African/Caribbean cooking, I could have sworn she was Swedish.

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Lost in Space

I don’t know a lot about Apollo 440 to be honest. I remember Lolita and Destiny quite fondly, but somehow they transitioned from the UK hardcore sound(or whatever was toppermost of the poppermost back then) to soundtracks and remixes for hire. Nice work if you can get it*.

Stanley Kubrick
More Cowbell
The Greatest Drummer Ever?
Might as Well



* I will remix any band for free if you send me the parts.

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This is merely a not dead post, I have a few things that I need to fill out that aren’t ready to post but I’m a bit too busy to flesh them out right now.

Hello Japan!

Stormy Monday

An aircraft pilot crashed his hobby plane into a house not that from here, although having spent pretty much all day in a conference room I wasn’t aware of it until I left the office, which of course leads me to panic when I realise that I hadn’t heard from my wife for most of the day. Anyway, how was your day?

Front 242 – Never Stop(Agony Until Death) The New Bear Revival Starts Here! I did intend to type New Beat, but somehow it’s come out as New Bear, so I’m sticking with that. Maybe the NME will pick up on it. I’d definately pay to see the Klaxons on stage with a bear. Preferably an angry, hungry one. And maybe Mr. Klaxon could dress up as a picernic basket.

Groove Is In The Heart(Bootsified to the Nth Degree) No! Wait! This isn’t quite the version you’re used to. As much as the Earth may be bored of Lady Miss Kier and her Sega bothering schtick, you can’t go wrong with Bootsy babbling over Herbie Hancock’s Wiggle Waggle^WBring Down The Birds. Wiggle Waggle was sampled by King Bee for Back by Dope Demand.

Sub Sub – Jaggernath Sub Sub are probably better known for the dancefloor hit Ain’t No Love(Ain’t No Use), but you likely wouldn’t have heard this My Bloody Valentine sampling track. Sub Sub eventually changed their name to The Doves after their recording studio burned down.

Rotary Connection – Respect Featuring the vocals of Minnie Ripperton, someone possibly best known these days for supplying the Loving You samples that forms the centre of The Orb – A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From the Centre of the Ultraworld, or for Les Fleur, reworked by 4 Hero a few years ago and featuring in a advert for Bailey’s drunky milk or something. However, she doesn’t really deserve to end up as a footnote in this way with such a powerful, distinctive voice.

Edward II and the Red Hot Polkas – Stephen Baldwins 3 Hand Dub(Mad Professor remix) Dub Polka as remixed by the Mad Professor. The sort of thing that used to be played on a Sunday evening by Andy Kershaw back in the days.

And finally, Play loud.

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Either invented by Tyree Cooper and friends or the Beatmasters, one sideline sound of 1989 was exemplified by heavy use of the “Whoo, yeah!” sample from Lyn Collins – Think! among other abuse of the People Records catalogue.

I had such a crush on Manda Beatmaster when I was young.


Sadly this is the only picture I can find of her right now. If I had copies of Smash Hits from the time when they lurked in the charts I would expect to find the pages stuck together.

DJ Fast Eddie – Yo Yo Get Funky
Tyree – Turn Up The Bass
Doug Lazy – Let It Roll
Twin Hype – For Those Who Like To Groove
Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock – It Takes Two

It was kind of nice recently to hear that Dizzie Rascal made a visit to the old breaks home and gave Think a quick visit to the outside world with the track Pussyhole from Maths and English. I’m sure you can find that one fairly easily.

I had a look at wikipedia to double check if I was overlooking any particularly notable exponents of the Hip House sound. I wouldn’t have really thought of Jason Nevins as being part of it, but now that I’ve found a copy of his album and the lead track is a remix of Fast Eddie’s Yo Yo Get Funky, I can’t really argue the point. It’s a fairly terrible track though, Throw Your Hands Up(Yo Yo Get Funky Part 2). I won’t inflict that on you unless i’m feeling particularly twisted.

Not really part of this sound as such, but worth a listen if you’re not familiar with the original track that Snap appropriated. Remember Turbo B?

Chill Rob G – The Power

BTW, there’s a good write up here about Chill Rob G, Snap and the whole “The Power” debacle.

And finally, the real reason I was on a Hip House tip; Roxanne Shante – Live on Stage(House remix). There’s something about this track that’s still remarkably energising almost 20 years later. I think it’s this and similar records of the time that remind me of my first experiences in smoky, stroby discos with stale air blasted out of dusty speakers.


Remixed by Dave Dorrell & CJ Mackintosh (see also Young MC – I Come Off(Southern Comfort remix)), both of whom seemed to disappear into the background after the early 90s, which is unfortunate but Dave Dorrell is particularly notable for working with Dave Angel on his first remix, The Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams(Nightmare mix).

Bonus not quite fitting into this post although kind of related track : De La Soul – Me, Myself & I(Richie Rich remix).

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Acid Brass


Jeremy Deller had an idea, the idea evolved. This is the result of that evolution. Part of the evolution included a project entitled Acid Brass involving the Williams Fairley Band performing Acid House Anthem “What Time Is Love?” originally recorded by the KLF in 1988.


It would be somewhat churlish to post the full Acid Brass album, especially as it is a demented work of genius that is worth the 5 quid entry fee, but as an alternative I’ve posted the source tracks that are used instead. Although, as before I’ve tried to post versions of the tracks that I haven’t posted before, but I’m probably going to catch myself out someday.

Can U Dance?
Voodoo Ray
Strings Of Life


The Groove That Won’t Stop
Let’s Get Brutal
A Day In The Life / Can U Party?
What Time Is Love?

2K – Fuck The Millennium

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Milennium Crisis Line: 0890 900 2000 (Calls cost 50p/Min)


With an infinite amount of thanks to whomever uploaded this to Google video. Ibiza(A Short Film About Chilling) is a dance music documentary, focussing on Ibiza 90’s music and the almost born balearic beat scene. As I remember it was originally shown on January 1st 1992, although my faulty memory might be making things up.

I’ve spent some time going through this to double check the tracks used, and present them to you for your listening pleasure. They aren’t all necessarily the exact version, as I’ve posted a couple of them before and don’t really want to repeat myself. Some of it is really quite dated these days, but as a time capsule it’s a great look back.

I was kind of surprised that Channel 4 didn’t make any attempt to capitalise on the success of this film and it’s mindshare by releasing a compilation album of any kind, but I can step up and provide you with that. Only 17 years late, but hey, you’re getting it for free. Think of me as the Mail on Sunday. On Monday.

00:10 St Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart(Mix of Two Halves)
02:50 Movement 98 – Joy and Heartbreak
04:52 Hypnotone – Dream Beam
06:51 My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Weatherall Mix)
08:08 L.U.P.O. – Hell or Heaven
09:02 The Source featuring Candi Staton – You Got the Love(Eren’s Bootleg)
10:17 Westbam – Hold Me Back
11:36 Bocca Juniors – Raise(63 Steps To Heaven)
12:50 808 State – In Yer Face
16:33 The Orb – A Huge Evergrowing(Loving You)
19.20 Meat Beat Manifesto – Helter Skelter
20:10 JT And The Big Family – Foreign Affair
20:59 The Grid – Floatation
22:55 Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out : I’ve taken this out as it’s not actually in the film, only referenced by Rocky. Also, it seems to bring a lot of traffic over that isn’t really related to what I post.
23:16 The Farm – Groovy Train
27:04 New Fast Automatic Daffodils – Big (Baka)
28:30 The Shamen – Pro>gen
29:27 Voices of Africa – Hoomba Hoomba
32:03 A Man Called Adam – Barefoot in the Head
35:15 Primal Scream – Come Together (Weatherall Mix)

It’s particularly interesting hearing Orde Meikle mention that the slow stuff didn’t work in Glasgow. He’s right, no-one took to the slowed down beats in the early 90s, and it’s wasn’t really until the Bristol folk started rolling smokier beats that it took to the dancefloor and even then it wasn’t really welcomed with open arms.

Also, many thanks to konspiracy at the oldskoolanthemz board who had researched this in the past, and from his link I was able to find the name of the missing JT and the Big Family track.

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You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Somehow I haven’t mentioned The Grid yet. They take their name from an old disco track by a band called Lime, and their first single for EastWest Records was an edit of the same, On The Grid.

Dave Ball ex of Soft Cell & Richard Norris, probably ex music journo. Richard Norris was responsible for the sleevenotes from the seminal (Acid) House compilation, Flux Trax, which I would urge you to go out and buy if you can. There’s a Flux Trax 2, which I believe I am partly responsible for the content of as I had some issues with the visualiser software that came with Flux Trax and had to contact their technical department who then sent me a copy of the software on a floppy disk. Around this time I said something like “Hey, why don’t you make a second disc with these tracks?” I heard nothing back from them, but somehow most of the tracks I suggested were on Flux Trax 2. File under the same failure file as the Mastercuts Classic Techno that I never got round to compiling and the DC pitch.

Richard Norris can be found these days as part of Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve with Erol Arkan, providing some great re-edits of Love and Peter, Bjorn And John among others. Much as I’m trying to avoid the tracks that everyone is posting, I really need to highlight their remix of Midlake’s Roscoe which is probably the best track I’ve heard all year.

With that said, on to the meat of the post.

The Grid – Flotation(Sonic Swing).

Remixed by Andrew Weatherall, although this is the less common Sonic Swing remix as opposed to the Subsonic Grid version remixed by the same. I’ll post the Subsonic Grid version in the future, but it’s part of an ongoing project that I hope to put to bed before the end of the month.

The Grid – Flotation(Progressive remix)

Remixed by Olimax & DJ Schapps, a couple of oddfellows that rose to some prominence with a remix of Cherrelle & Alexander O’Neal’s Saturday Love called Feelin’ Luv(which I can’t find right now). They were picked up and release a sample heavy* version of the Indeep classic Olimax & DJ Schapps – Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, in particular one track from Koyaanisqatsi. The one that everybody knows. It’s called The Grid.

As I remember Olimax went on to produce some Big Audio Dynamite material before leaping into obscurity.

The Grid – Texas Cowboy(High Plains Prankster remix)

The Prankster being Justin Robertson.

The Grid – Crystal Clear(Clear Like An Unmuddied Lake). Remixed by The Orb. I don’t think I’ve covered the Orb in detail to the same extent as some of the other artists, but I’d need to free up a few gigabytes of bandwidth for that one, so it would be an end of the month blowout.

The Grid ft. Timothy Leary – The Origins of Dance. I must apologise for the audio quality of this (and of some of the other audio.out tracks in general) as it’s taken from a low bit rate vinyl rip from the turn of the century. I encoded some stuff that’s turned out to be fairly difficult to find since then and I’m not sure where the source discs are as I moved from the UK to CH and didn’t bother shipping the vinyl over.

No. I don’t really know why.

The Grid – Boom! The thing I remember particularly about Boom! is that it was very hard to find a copy of, but somehow the sleeve was used to decorate the Smashie & Nicey office for Radio Fab.



Let’s Rock!

Also, a question for anyone that actually reads the posts as opposed to rssucking mp3s.

If I set up a tip jar for 12″s from ebay/discogs, would you give me a pound every so often for science?

We could all be listening to the full ReFratty ReEnergy version of TC 1991 – Berry right now.

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* Olimax has since posted that the version of Last Night a DJ Saved My Life doesn’t contain samples as I previously assumed, and that the music was all played although influenced by Philip Glass. My apologies for getting it wrong in the first place.

A spinoff from the British 80s childhood staples of Crash and Zzap!64, LM was an attempt at an adult themed magazine. It covered things like A Clockwork Orange(which wasn’t available in the UK at the time), Stump, The Blow Monkeys, Paula Yates, Viz, Prince & Star Trek without resorting to the Phwoarr! TITS! tactics that made Loaded what it is.


At 16, it was as full of culture and ideas as I could have asked for, although if you could overlook the Level 42 mention that would be ideal. The magazine seemed to find it’s niche with the readers but the advertisers weren’t having it and only 4 1/2 issues were published, which was a shame as it really signalled the end of Newsfield magazines and led to the demise of the aforementioned computer magazines pretty quickly.


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There wasn’t much of a point ot this, other than to upload the covers as I found them on ebay.

Bocca Juniors – Raise(Tackhead remix)

Cabaret Voltaire – Nag Nag Nag(Tiga & Zyntherius remix)

Bob Marley – Exodus(Rebel MC remix)