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And from somewhere, I hear…

Probably against my better judgement, this is part 3 of the KLF weekend and a bit. One of the most interesting bands of any time, there’s much already said on the internet and any contribution from myself is only really adding to the noise. I’d suggest wikipedia if you really want the whole story as the articles there have been prepared with a lot of love.

Last Train To Trancentral was both part 3 of the stadium house trilogy, and the remix of part 5 of the Pure Trance series(E-Train To Trancentral). Due to pressing errors, only 1000 copies of the Pure Trance version of Last Train To Trancentral made it to the stores. The first two versions presented here are from Ultra Rare Trax and the DFC Ambient House compilation respectively. The third is from the Moody Boys reconstruction of the Stadium House version.


KLF – Last Train To Trancentral(Original Pure Trance)

KLF – Last Train To Trancentral(remix) (from the DFC Ambient House album).

KLF – Last Train To Trancentral(Moody Boys 808 Bass)

Not too much to say about any of the versions of Last Train To Trancentral other than my techno colleague at the time loved it. He lived in a house that you had to climb a ladder to get into the bathroom and went on to found Rub A Dub records in Paisley as well as running Club 69 IIRC. Rub a Dub had a store in the Virginia Galleries, but that was destroyed by the Marks and Spencers tunnel. I believe them to be somewhere near the St. Enoch subway station these days, but I’ve never seen it.

Bonus tracks: two version of The Orb – Borrowed Love from The Orb – Anthology 2 & The Orb – Morphology.

Borrowed Love dates from roughly April 1989 and precedes the later release of A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Center Of The Ultraworld(Loving You) by around 6 months. At this time The Orb is comprised of Alex Paterson and Jimmy Cauty.

The Orb – Borrowed Love(Alex vs the KLF)

The Orb – Borrowed Love(KLF Slow The Beats)

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Alone Again With The Dawn Coming Up

Continuing the KLF theme, this is the KLF’s paean to the deep of the night and forms part 2 of both the Stadium House trilogy and the Pure Trance series.


This saw a companion release with the colours inverted and featuring the following two tracks from a total of four.

3 PM Electro

Remixed by Alex Paterson, co-founder with Jimmy Cauty of The Orb. The KLF Communications album Space was said to have been the Orb’s debut release, but frayed relationships between Cauty & Paterson led to Jimmy removing Alex’ contributions and releasing the album as Space, a companion piece of sorts to Chill Out. Rumour has it that the original version may yet see release in future.

3 AM Eternal (Blue Danube Orbital)

Jimmy Cauty not being one to keep his energy in one place was also a sometime member of the Moody Boys with Tony Thorpe. The Moody Boys were featured on the remix 12″s of the Stadium House releases.


3 AM Eternal (Moody Boys Klonk Blip Every Trip)

The Moody Boys – What Is Dub?(Kings Of Low Frequency Dub)

In a final act of contention for the music industry, the KLF performed with Extreme Noise Terror at the Brit awards with a raucous version of the track. The following day the KLF announced their departure from the music business. There have been the odd release from Bill & Jimmy as 2K, The K Foundation and the One World Orchestra, but nothing further has been heard from the KLF since.

3 AM Eternal (vs Extreme Noise Terror Live At The Brits)

Once upon a drunk, I wrote the following at 3 in the morning for another site.

Oh my god I am realyl drnuk. realy.

I left work at 12, we drank beer in the German trainstation. We drank beer on the tain. We went to the microbrewery and drank more beer and ate sausages.

Bonus stage! Can I figure out how t o blutoth image from my camera?



So, we went to another microbrewery. The beer was too heavy, so I optred for Kirschwasser(Firewater).

Errrr, then we went to the Christmas market and sang Carols. Not that any one wanted us to, but they got what they paid for.

And then I had a couple of bread rolls filld with Merguez.

And gluewine.

And then we went to an other pub/restaurant. So I had meerreetichsuppe while my fellow drinkanuats had mearty soup.

And gin and tonic.

And gin and tonic.

And gin and tonic.

And gin and tonic.

And the it was 8PM. We went ot anIrish bar. And then I had to sing, since I was the most Irish person ther.

And it was a Scottish song! Del Amitri.

Not a good song.

And gin and tonic.

And gin and tonic.

And then somerting by th BeeGees. Not “You could be dancib” but similar. The high pitche dbit almost made me sicvk.

I don0t think it was nigt fever either.,

And then we left.

We got to the platfomr to find a late notice fo rtrhitrain, but one came.

And I had a vodka nd organge. And then a turkish guy came over to us and asked if he could dance. When we didb’t refuse, he placed his phone on the table and started beraking.

Anbd then we went to the pretned Irish pub(Hello Brendan!). It was shite.

Holy crap it’s 3Am.

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The problem with writing about certain subjects is that you can easily get sidelined into focusing on a single point, so instead of trying to cover the KLF in one post, I’ll mention “What Time Is Love?” in particular.

Originally devised around the time of “Who Killed The Jams?” the first KLF release was a reworking of the tracks “Burn The Bastards” and was known as Burn The Beat. With the later release of Shag Times, the second disc contained an number of minimal reworkings of other tracks with only their Beats Per Minute as identifiers.

Soon afterwards the KLF released the first of a number of tracks aimed at dancefloors, “What Time Is Love?” was originally intended as one of a number of instrumental workouts from Bill Drummond & Jimmy Cauty, not for the charts but to allow them to get back to basics after the JAMs/the Timelords. This set of 5 discs were to be known as Pure Trance and the first of this was What Time Is Love?


At this time in the groups career, they were trying to get a movie “The White Room” produced, although it seemed to be a money pit that wasn’t showing any signs of reaching maturity at any time soon. However, clubland was loving What Time Is Love?, and acclaim from folk such as Paul Oakenfold and Alex Paterson hammering the track at Land of Oz helped propel the track further into the clubosphere.

On the continent, various versions began to appear of the track, each slightly different although all very much based on the same track. This was by no means unusual as popular club tracks always turned up in various tributes across Europe, Pump Up The Jam and Keep On Movin’ were examples of tracks that had odd versions with new raps or additional vocals from people you had never heard of, or would hear from again.

Soon a few of these versions were compiled into an album and released on KLF recordings under the moniker “The What Time Is Love? Story” in 1989. In 1990 a new version of the track (Live at Trancentral) was recorded as part one of the stadium house trilogy. Of particular note is the Virtual Reality mix, which as an excessively ambient overhaul of the track reprises many themes of their recently released album Chill Out.

Behold! A List!

The KLF – What Time Is Love? (Echo & The Bunnymen Mix)1
The KLF – What Time Is Love? (Live at Land Of Oz)
The KLF – What Time Is Love? (Live at Trancentral)
The KLF – What Time Is Love? (Monster Attack remix)2
The KLF – What Time Is Love? (Power Remix)
The KLF – What Time Is Love? (Primal Remix)
The KLF – What Time Is Love? (Pure Trance Mix)
The KLF – What Time Is Love? (Pure Trance Mix 2)
The KLF – What Time Is Love? (Techno Gate Mix)
The KLF – What Time Is Love? (Techno Slam Mix)
The KLF – What Time Is Love? (The Moody Boys vs. The KLF)
The KLF – What Time Is Love? (Virtual Reality Mix)
The KLF – What Time Is Love? (Wandaful Mix)
The KLF – What Time Was Love?
Dr. Felix – Relax Your Body3
K.L.F.S. – What Time Is Love?(Italian mix)3
Liasons D. – Heartbeat3
Neon – No Limit (dance mix 4’58)3

The KLF – America No More
The KLF – America No More (Just the Pipe Band)
The KLF – America: What Time Is Love?
The KLF – America: What Time Is Love? (radio edit)
The KLF – America: What Time Is Love? (Uncensored)

2K – Acid Brass: What Time Is Love? (version k)
2K – Acid Brass: What Time Is Love? (version p – royal oak mix)

Soo, I’d say there are about 20 officialish versions of this, not counting amateur remixes or ones of unknown origin such as the Villalobos 2005 version.

KLF – Chill Out(The Orb Megamix)

Blue Pearl – Naked In The Rain(Jimmy Cauty Pure Trance Mix 1)


1. A cover of the track by the then at time Ian McCulloch-less Echo and the Bunnymen. Probably responsible for the entire New Rave movement. What Time Is Love was covered by the Kaiser Chiefs recently, but the less said about that the better.

2. Only 3 vinyl copies said to exist, although it’s on the Bootleg collection Arkive and is probably sourced from the Love Trance 12″ which may or may not be legit.

3. From “The What Time Is Love Story?” and rumoured to be various aliases for Bill And Jimmy to help promote the original although this seems a bit unlikely considering how popular the track was initially.

I did get a chance to hear Bill, Zodiac Mindwarp and Gimpo read extracts from their road trip book at the Arches in Glasgow a while ago. Somehow I managed to nip off for a piss minutes before it ended and I missed the end.

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Can You Pass The Acid Test?

Once upon a time there was an indie rock group. Some friends knocked out some Arthur Lee inspired power pop songs for a while, but the interests of frontman Colin Angus led to a bit of trouble with the press as they had some interests that did not endear them to a number of the populace. The group’s psychedelic groundings began to change the band leading to two of the founder members leaving once the band had transformed from Love-esque rock into more of a House sound.

The Shamen – Jesus Loves Amerika(Fundamental)

The Shamen – You Me and Everything(Evil Edit)

The success of In Gorbachev We Trust led to more money for the band to invest into the touring vision they had of Synergy, a combination of live shows and DJing between tracks by the like of Mixmaster Morris and A Guy Called Gerald. At this time it was becoming clearer that the sound they were forging was popular leading to the Phorward EP, one of the first real Acid House albums in the UK.

The Shamen vs. Bam Bam – Transcendental (House Mix)

The Shamen – Phorward

Post Phorward, the Shamen enjoyed a fairly inspired recording period, producing well crafted singles that enjoyed a fair measure of success in the Indie and Dance charts leading to the album En-Tact.

The Shamen – Hyperreal(Meat Beat Manifesto Selector Dub)

The Shamen – Progen(Joey Beltram Dub)


In 1991 Pro>Gen was remixed by Paul Oakenfold and a massive success as Move Any Mountain 91. In preparation for the single Colin and Will went to Tenerife to film a video. Will drowned by accident.

In respect of Will’s vision and dedication to the band, Colin opted to forge on with Mr. C as a full time member. Hooking up with Glaswegian big nosed cunt Jerry Sadowitz for the video, the Shamen produced one of the most memorable singles of the 90s with Ebeneezer Goode, but by this time they had kind of lost their indie cool and were producing fairly poppy songs aimed at the mainstream. They continued for a while in this vein, but other than the odd remix by someone such as LTJ Bukem or Hardfloor I lost track of them.

I went to Synergy at the Art School in Glasgow, an odd venue that was usually very dark and I fell down the stairs that night slightly worse for wear. It might have been something to do with the matchbox full of weed that I found that evening.

My other Art School memory was that in the early 90s Scottish Television were looking for presenters for a new music show and held open auditions there. Thinking this was my chance for stardom, I prepared a 5 minute text piece linking various groups and proving I had quite a lot of knowledge and assumed this would help for a screen test. Unfortunately all of Glasgow turned out for this, and it came down to “do something funny for the camera” type auditions ala the sort of TV nonsense popular of a Saturday evening.

I don’t think my surly “fuck off” really worked. As I remember the gig eventually went to a Wookie and a slip of a girl.

One last note about Pro>Gen is that I think it’s the most remixed track ever, there were somewhere around 18 mixes of it in 91 leading to the Progeny album which also provided that parts to allow you to create your own version if you were so inclined. There was another issue of in 96, so I’d guess there are maybe around 25-30 official versions. The other track in contention for this honour would be the KLF’s What Time Is Love, and I’ll cover that shortly.

Sixteen Samples and Beats.

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In a previous post I mentioned something about the finale of last year’s Series of Doctor Who, and somehow the track mentioned there is the same one I’ve listed below, albeit by a different artist and with a new significance that wasn’t previously known.


The following track is from a sadly never released Doctor Who tribute album, a bunch of British electronic artists were given access to parts of the archive of Radiophonic Workshop material. It doesn’t look as if we’ll see the results of Lemon Jelly or The Orb’s takes on the material unfortunately, which would be of most interest to me. I don’t think there was ever a tracklist for the project so I’m not sure of what was planned to be on it. The project was eventually cancelled due to copyright issues, presumably between BBC licensing and BBC Wales. There’s a snippet of Delia Derbyshire – Dr Whooligan(Coldcut Remix) on the 02.02.04 Solid Steel show with Tom Baker talking about copyright over it ironically enough.

The show is available here for 5 quid.

You could try making your own version here should you be so interested. Otherwise there are numerous other takes on the theme by Orbital(a live favourite by all accounts), a mixed version by Coldcut on the wonderful Journey by DJ and the Gary Glitter sampling Timelords(aka the KLF) to mention my particular favourites.

Saint Etienne – There There My Brigadier.

While looking for There, There My Brigadier I found what I thought was a better copy of the Saint Etienne World Cup Theme than the one I ripped myself. However, it has pretty much the same pops and clicks in the same positions, so I’m now unclear if had those to start with. If so, it’s a nice idea and reminds me of Autechre”s Tri Repetae which say something about the requirment of scuffs on the media to ensure it is playable as intended.

Saint Etienne Daho was a collaboration between Saint Etienne & Etienne Daho(surprisingly enough). The following track, “Accident” eventually became “He’s On The Phone”.

Saint Etienne Daho – Accident.

I didn’t even know this existed until yesterday, although it’s that much of a surprise as they were both on Heavenly Records.

Saint Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart(Flowered Up remix)

I’ve mentioned Flowered Up briefly before, and it’s still a shock how a bunch of scallies(for want of a better expression) could have produced the best and most important single of the 90s with Weekender. And not just that, but the video summarises the culture better than almost any other time capsule could.

I posted the video to Weekender on Vox last year, but I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the interface over there so didn’t really continue posting anything else. If I get round to it, I’ll re-encode the video from the VHS source, but it is a bit fuzzy to begin with and I don’t have a capture card at this point in time. I have an mpg version of it, but as it’s 180 Mb it isn’t something I want to repeatedly offer for download as it appears in forums and eats my bandwidth (hello Primal Scream forum).

Weekender in Tinyvision.

In particular, the scene exiting the club into the wrong side of the night is an image that clings to me like the coat of tiredness.

Moving on. Rumoured to be in the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2007, Kylie covers Saint Etienne on the B Side* of the 1994 “Confide In Me” single. This is the track I mentioned above, and when I posted the Saint Etienne version back at the start of the year I was referring to Doctor Who in a repost of an entry from vox.

Kylie Minogue – Nothing Can Stop Us

* Seems to be such an anachronistic term these days. For our future alien overlords, a B Side dates from back when we had double sided physical media for music and it was played by vibrating a needle in a rotating groove. You could then turn the this “single” over and play the other side which typically had a different musical piece on it.

What goes around comes around.

Not that I’ve asked Philip Bond about it, or that he would necessarily remember should he respond to my question, but I’m not surprised that the anarchic bus from Kill Your Boyfriend was given the number 23.


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Grant Morrison is Glaswegian, that much most folk probably know. However, he seemed to have spent an inordinate amount of time in the southside of Glasgow, as I did. Looking past the Illuminatus and related fnordiness the number 23 is a bus that takes a route around the southside of Glasgow.

At some point, I’m sure a young Grant travelled by this bus, and doubtless feared for his life. The number 23 had the driver in a cage due to various nutjobs trying to attack him or her. Well, it would be a him, I don’t think anyone would put a woman into that cage thing unless they were exhibiting some sort of cruelness. This would have the side effect of people jumping on the bus for free as the driver would be rather foolish to get out and chase them.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the mystical number 23 would also turn out to be the most dangerous bus in the world and is probably part of the reason why the number is invisibly imprinted on Grant’s big baldy head.

Also, here’s another bus tale I wrote up elsewhere.

We left Metropolitan at Candleriggs at midnight to walk to Union Street for a bus. Along the way, various living ghosts stumbled past, folk with blood all over their faces, a guy with his cock out pissing and walking, an army of sengas harassing a nerd and the remnants of the 2002 goth bomb that went off outside the Borders Bookstore still fighting the good fight.

We arrived to the bus stop outside the Goose on Union Street to see a group of 2 guys/ 2 girls having a running battle through the traffic, the protagonist male had stolen a shoe from one of the females and was busy trying to throw it into a bin or the traffic or behind a shop or anywhere but her foot. This led to him being savagely beaten by the girls once they caught him.

We got on the packed bus to hear someone at the back shouting “Oh, the Banter!” ala Chewin the Fat at the circus of tomfoolery in the street. While the bus was travelling to it’s destination of Shawlands Cross, a Celtic fan, bedecked in Green got on. A member of a hen party passes him to get off and on spotting his religious leanings asks “Are you a Rangers fan then”?

As she gets off the bus, he starts with the most vicious tirade I’ve heard in years compressed into about 10 seconds of shouting. I don’t remember it in full, but to paraphrase…

“You fuckin mingin whore. You stinkin, boggin mockit cunt. Ya fuckin boggin stinkin mingin mockit boggin horror. You’re fuckin stinkin, ya fuckin fanny. Ah’ll fuckin huv you, ya fuckin disgustin slapper.”
etcetera, etcetera …

Anyway, the girl in question, who had just left the bus, responded by lifting her skirt and flashing her underwear at him, which only seemed to rile him further.

I can’t particularly remember what he may have said after this as I was trying to avoid a buckfasted young man from bouncing off me insisting he was going to meet his mates at a party in Nitshill, and that they were all waiting for him there. Not that he’d just been abandoned or anything. I wouldn’t go to Nitshill during the day, and most certainly not at night while off my face.

From the second set of Peel Sessions, the Orb cover the Sex Pistols’ No Fun. Being as it comes at the end of a 13 minute exxcessively ambient version of O.O.B.E. it’s a bit of a shock to the system and probably the straightest Orb track there is in so much as it’s a fairly rote cover version of the track, especially when compared to the Orb/Robbie Williams cover of the Bee Gees’ I Started a Joke.

The Orb – No Fun

From the charity compilation “Gotta Get A Message To You”, the following featured vocals from Take That’s fat dancer. Proceeds went to Live Challenge ’99, which raised money for young people’s projects in the Northwest of England.

The Orb ft. Robbie Williams – I Started a Joke

This I previously was under the impression it was an Orb project, but it seems to have Youth and pals instead.

Jam On The Mutha – Hotel California(The Orb In Cali remix)

I remember seeing posters for The Fauves back when AKA comics used to live in Virginia Galleries in Glasgow as I assume Grant was a fixture in the shop, and was probably even allowed into the back room of the olde curiosity shopesque store.

The Fauves – Tortured Soul

These fortune teller devices were very popular when I were a lad, and my friend Natalie takes her website address from the original Czech name.

Free! Kill Your Boyfriend Fortune Teller!

And that is who the following photo is from. What you can’t see behind the sign is yet again a cage for the workers to hide behind avoiding threats and violence from the populace.

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The Chemical Brothers weren’t really big on originality from the outset, their tracks are blags of hip hop samples and beats from acts such 23 Skidoo as well as influences from people such as the Beatles. Their name wasn’t even theirs to begin with. And there’s a video I can’t quite place right now(I think it might be Setting Sun, but can’t check due to youtube’s monopolistic video depository being unavailable from here, but that’s for another time), it’s pretty much a rip off of a comic by Pete Milligan called Girl. This isn’t a knock on them though, a sample based culture eats itself if you let it do so.

One of the more interesting sample based works I can think of is Fortran 5 – Bike which uses cut up samples of Sid James’ voice to provide the vocals for Syd Barrett’s Bike. It must have been hell to organise and catalogue the various bits. Sampling sadly was curtailed by over greedy publishers back in the early 90s after The Jamms, Biz Markie, et al. pushed the limits of what they could get away with. Further audio in this vein can be found over at Illegal Art. The upshot of this is that it’s unlikely we’ll hear anything like De La Soul’s Three Feet High and Rising ever again. Well, not in a commerical sense.

There’s an anecdote about The Lesson to the effect that a record label wanted to properly license the samples used, but doing so would result in a costly, unprofitable release so why not just leave it to the bootleggers instead?

Some music for today:

23 Skidoo – Fuck You GI : The Chemical Brothers – Block Rockin’ Beats originates from a later reworking of this track called Coup.

Chad Jackson – Hear The Drummer Get Wicked : Originally planned as an official remix of the clubland smash DJ Mark The 45’s The 900 Number, this is an over the top sample heavy rendition by a one time DMC favourite. Apparently the 45 King thought that as it sampled from the source Marva Whitney – Unwind Yourself as opposed to his own track it was kind of unfair to have his name on it. Personally it strikes as more of a situation where a toddler has drawn all over your favourite book. Compare and contrast to

Out of the Ordinary – Play It Again(Los Ninos remix) : From the late Torsten Fenslau, and although it is fairly over the top it seems so restrained compared to Chad Jackson’s work.

The Chemical Brothers – Elektrobank (The Dust Brothers remix) : The Chemical Brothers, who were once known as the Dust Brothers, remixed by the Dust Brothers, who the Chemical Brothers took their name from. I started off this post by talking about the Chemical Brothers just so I could write that down.

Fortran 5 – Bike (Sid Sings Syd) : There’s a companion piece to this of Layla, with Derek Nimmo providing the vocals. Not sampled this time though.

And lastly, a special mention to Prince – Gett Off which has a sample exactly like my mum’s voice shouting my name from downstairs in the house we used live in.

What was your favourite concert?


I’d probably have to go with Kraftwerk at Glasgow Barrowlands, early 90s showcasing The Mix. I’ve mentioned the Barrowlands before, it’s a wonderful venue. I’ve seen it mentioned as one of the worlds best venues, and it’s hard to dispute that. It even had it’s own serial killer. I’ve seen some great bands there, and some not so great ones while in the pursuit of sexy goth by night girls that turn out to be having a last fling before getting married in the morning.

I’ve seen the Orb there quite a few times. When I say seen, I kind of mean shared in a 1900 people trip with a tiny band on the horizon. I went to see the Orb about 3 times between 1991 and 1995 and I’m still there. I went to see Primal Scream a couple of times as well, although none of those were ever going to match the Plaza gig. I took in a recording walkman once to bootleg the gig, but having dabbled in a touch of speed with my friends that night the bootleg wasn’t much more than motormouth bullshit between us and between songs.

“Hello Glasgow!” “Lookitthestaetathatskinnyprick”

“This is a cover of the 13th Floor Elevators track!” “13thfloorelevatorsmorelike13thfloorfannymengetahaircutyadaftprickfuckinbobbybluebellwanthisschtickback.”

Soo, the prospect of combining The Orb and Primal Scream in Sheffield as a Miners Benefit gig would be awesome, right?

My friends and I decided we had to go to this, although by the time the tickets were bought it was only myself and my big faced co-pilot Webster.

Magically, we got there somehow. I can’t remember if there was a specific coach from Glasgow to Sheffield for the event but I suspect there was. Thinking this was the best opportunity to gobble a bit of hash and have a bit of a trip out for the event I make plans to meet with someone that had a little bit of what I wanted. Or I thought he did.

At Buchanan Bus Station my contact arrives, he take my cash and passes over a fat bank change bag. I exclaim some concern about the whereabouts of my black, but my friend notes he could only find skunk and there it was.

So we get to Sheffield Arena, our seats are beside some guy supposedly from EMF who is generous with the pharma and we end up eating skunk from a change bag while The Orb are about to come on.

To this day I remember almost nothing about the concert itself. I remember getting searched on the way in. I remember smoking a joint with the EMF guy. I remember seeing the logo from a distance. I think I remember an Orb/Scream jam of something, but damnit I was twatted at the time.

And so it ends. We are post gig, pre rave and lost. Wandering around Sheffield at 2AM with not a clue as to what to do. You’ve seen Terminator and movies like that, haven’t you? The 21st Century Los Angeles with the burning bins was based on Sheffield that evening. We walked past encampments of people burning trash, singing and sharing drinks and smokes. We were turned away from hotels in the middle of the night as they probably though we wanted to rent the room for some gay sex. We walked a million miles and still didn’t get anywhere. I met a girl that invited me to a rave club, and although we didn’t want to pay 20 quid entrance she was delighted to have slept in the warm toilets there.

We eventually found ourselves back at the bus station at around 4AM, found a bench and tried to sleep there. Unfortunately it was November and fucking freezing so sleep was not forthcoming. After a month or so on ice, the WH Smith opened. It was delightful.

A hundred ravekids hustled into WH Smith to buy skins, newspapers, crisps and have a quick warm up against the freezer.

It was fucking cold.

I don’t think John and I spoke for several months after that.

Unique 3 – The Theme (supposed Autechre remix)

I say supposed as it doesn’t really tie up with the preview thingy at boomkat.

It’s not the Autechre remix.

Unique 3 – The Theme (Autechre remix)

This is.

Unique 3 – The Theme (stx unfinished remix)

I started this, but lost the files I was working with and never got to finish what I was doing. It was assisted by a bottle of wine. I like it, but it needs something else.

Forgemasters – Track With No Name

WAP 01.

Sweet Exorcist – Testfour

Video directed by Jarvis Cocker.

Nightmares On Wax – Aftermath (LFO remix)

There’s someting going round inside my head.

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Disco Me To Ecstasy

I succumbed(succame?) to the odd dress style of hoodies and baggy trousers indirectly via MTV. As a group skiing exercise among my fellow co-workers we were in Aviemore we were in a bar and Baby Ford was on the big screen. This was back in 88 or so when MTV used to play music as they haven’t done so for years. In particular I lament the club chart that used to be on Friday evening with the sexy Dutch VJ who I cannot remember the name of. I tried to search for some information on her, but the search terms available are kind of nebulous.

Aviemore represented my only real attempt at skiing, it was not fun at all. Slowly sliding down a hill towards a fence out of control drove me quickly to the pub after toppling over slowly. In the pub was the aforementioned MTV playing Baby Ford’s Chikki Chikki Ahh Ahh, a very weird sound sculpture that I fell in love with. Further output from Peter Ford included the overly sunny Beach Bump and a fairly odd cover of T-Rex’s Children of the Revolution. By BFord9 it was clear he felt a lot better and was forging on with the serious techno that he started playing with. Indeed, Bford9 is one of the best techno albums avaible by a long shot, no-one captured the sound quite as purely as Peter Ford does.

Aviemore was supposed to be skiing as a secondary activity, the first was a hookup of sorts for the 18-20 year olds that we were with disposable income for the first time ever. After an evening of drinks we went back to the girl’s room and continued there. I had somewhat of a crush on one of the girls, and as couples slowly hooked up and disappeared under the covers lips locked, she beckoned me to come over and sit beside her.

To this day I still don’t understand why I replied that I was watching Batman. We never did get together, and it’s probably for the best as she had a temper to go with her red hair. I did get together with one of her friends at a party this girl once hosted and occupied the bathroom for a couple of hours while everyone else had to go outside giving me an element of notoriety and an edge of sorts among the bone headed machinery operators that helped elevate me from being the fairly shy son of my father to a legendary status. Among alpha males this sort of thing is necessary to avoid having the piss taken out of you.

Baby Ford – Ooochy Koochy (Konrad Cadet mix)

Baby Ford – Flowers

Baby Ford – Wigan

Baby Ford – Children of the Revolution (12″ Version)

Baby Ford – Sashay Round The Fuzzbox

S’Express – Mantra For a State of Mind (The Baby Ford Experience)

Buy Baby Ford products on ebay. The hoodie point related to a The World of Baby Ford hoodie I owned many years ago, but it was lost to the mists of time. I hope there’s a tramp out there somewhere wondering what the hell a Baby Ford is.

Top One, Nice One, Get Sorted.

When the rolled up jackets and hi top haircuts of the 80s finally rolled over and died on top of Level 42, I don’t think anyone could have predicted what would follow. Originally known as Nexus 21, the duo of Chris Peat and Mark Archer recorded several deep and thoughtful tracks among their peers on the Network label but after a few releases the Madness of Techno personas took over.

Seen by American agents as a younger, hipper KLF they launched a flotilla of gasmasks, chemical control suits and Vicks Vapourizers across an unexpecting nation. That’s not to say they were the originators of the rave look as Acid House made people dress up as twats, but Altern 8 broke wholly into the mainstream confusing parents considerably more than that time Mark Goodier played the 10 minute version of Lil’ Louis’ French Kiss at teatime during the chart rundown on Sunday Evening.

My first real rave experience was as noted previously, but it was something I still indulged in fairly frequently. I didn’t touch the disco pharma much though, my few times led to some seriously odd times and I preferred a bit of a dance anyway. I was probably at my fittest physically at the time, packing shelves by day and dancing by night. I also spent a lot of time in space at this time via Frontier and clouds of smoke in the small hours of the night. I learned to slingshot via Sol for fun.

The whole rave culture turned later on, going to the Arches just didn’t have the same atmosphere as the Sub Club. It was good fun, but the embiggened culture brought some odd folks from the not so nice areas of the city into the mix. My last visit to the Arches was soured by a group of neds(those globally known as chavs) throwing bottles into towards the underside of the overpass resulting in a rain of glass on to the pavement and anyone unlucky enough to walk near them.

Altern 8 – Infiltrate 202 (Joey Beltram Remix)

Blow – This Is Called the Cutter (Altern 8 remix)

Cabaret Voltaire – I Want You (Altern 8 808 Heaven remix)

Cuba Gooding – Happiness Is Just Around the Bend (Altern 8 remix)

The Cuba Gooding track is particularly notable as it seems to be the source of the “Something Going Round Inside My Head” sample used in Nightmares On Wax – Aftermath, although this version comes a couple of years later.

Evelyn Champagne King – Shame 92 (Altern 8 Remix)

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Multiplies (The Altern 8 Syncopated Mix)

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