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Nothing too in depth today as it’s my final day at this office and I’m only in to delete my email, so just a couple of Andrew Weatherall things that might be of interest to some folk.

From the Perpetual Dawn remix 12″, this is the less common Ultrabass 1 remix of The Orb – Perpetual Dawn.


The Orb – Perpetual Dawn(Ultrabass 1)


Bocca Juniors, featuring the vocals of Anna Haigh. Anna Haigh appears in the Flowered Up – Weekender video as the bored shop assistant.

Bocca Juniors – Raise(63 Steps to Heaven)(Redskin Rock remix)


That Petrol Emotion – Abandon(Boys Own remix). Remixed by Terry Farley & Andrew Weatherall.


Peace Together – Be Still(Sabres of Paradise remix)

The Impossibles – The Drum(Andy Weatherall remix).

Galliano – Skunk Funk(Cabin Fever remix).

Jah Wobble – Bomba(Nonsonicus Maximus remix).

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Many years ago I was in Wales for a training weekend with my then employer, I only really remember smoking cheap No.6 cigarettes, drinking Flowers Ale and being very surprised in the local pub when the barflies moved from speaking Welsh to speaking English when we were at the bar. There’s a couple of photos from this time which have me in an odd light, as I look positively Asian in them. Which is odd as I hail from Glasgow with Irish & Scottish blood and may be the whitest man alive. A few years ago my dreams found me revisiting this place, and the most significant mental image was of a burnt out car with a vinyl sticker on the boot proclaiming the launch of the Andrew Weatherall Morning Radio Show.

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