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I’ve cribbed some notes from elsewhere as my knowledge of the band doesn’t really extend far past their music. They were an Acid Jazz group with support from Leftfield that went on to produce some of the first few tracks that would generally be recognised as early exponents of the sound that would be described as Trip Hop, although the club oriented tracks they did release are probably more accurately described under the Progressive House banner. That said, neither label is all that accurate. Trip House? Progressive Jazz Hop?


Following their Leftfield produced debut for Acid Jazz records, the group were picked up by ffrr and produced the follow up single, Nothing, which also benefited from a Leftfield remix.

Shortly afterwards came my particular favourite, We Wanna Live, produced by Ashley Beedle & David Holmes(aka the Disco Evangelists) and assisted by Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns. Starting with a sample of Country Joe & The Fish’s Fixin’ To Die performance from Woodstock, this is a fairly demented and engaging vocal performance with great backing.


I’m not too sure about the DSS subtitle, maybe Disco, Sabres & Snapper referring to the involved parties?

In 1994, they found some mild chart success with the single Feet, which saw reworkings from the Chemical Brothers under the Dust Brothers moniker and also from Slam.

Unfortunately the loss of their A&R rep at London at the time stilted their development, rejecting a second album and the band frustrated by this split up.

Bonus kind of related tracks:

Four Girl One Boy Action (a.k.a. David Holmes, Gary Burns, Jagz Kooner & Kris Needs) – Hawaiian Death Stomp.

Disco Evangelists (David Holmes & Ashley Beedle) – De Niro. An early David Holmes collaboration sampling Ennio Morricone.


Based on a live performance of Strings of Life by Derrick May and Carl Craig, this is Ashley Beedle’s reconstruction.

Rhythim Is Rhythim – Strings of Life(Ashley Beedle remix). Attributed to the 10th Planet for some reason, although anyone that could put two and two togther would probably figure this one out. Quite a respectful reworking of the track, especially in light of the diabolical Soul Central ft. Kathy Brown – Stronger On My Own release.

Secret Knowledge – Sugar Daddy.

Secret Knowledge were Kris Needs and Wonder, a lady with a biiig voice. Recording primarily for the Sabres of Paradise, the duo had a side project on Leftfield’s Hard Hands label under the alias Delta Lady.

Additional information from, and not from the depths of my memory for a change.

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