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On a Sunday evening we would have the radio on in the background as my mother made dinner, invariably tuned to Radio One as Mark Goodier went through the new Top 40 record by record. The debut of the latest club smash one week changed that.


At a touch over ten minutes long, it was one of the odder tracks to debut so highly, partially because it was mostly instrumental but mainly because it has an over the top, overdubbed orgasm and wasn’t really suited for Sunday teatime with the family. As I remember the record was only banned after complaints from listeners as opposed to something like Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Relax which was publically denounced by Mike Read et al. Then again, I doubt Mike Read had seen the inside of a real club at any time prior to this, instead likely playing charidee stuff instead. As a quick aside, I remember being at a gig in a club by one of Glasgow’s popular Radio DJs who would very publically drink from a bottle of Irn Bru, avoiding being seen drinking alcohol as he had an image to uphold.


What others didn’t see was the bottle of vodka stashed in the record crate and used to top up the refreshment. This was a popular occurence on the buses going into the city at the weekend, a bottle of Irn Bru with the top third poured out and a quarter bottle of vodka poured in would start the weekend quickly and efficiently in the 20 minutes it took to get to the city centre by bus.

Getting back to the point, French Kiss by Lil Louis was sold out through the land, the bumping and grinding tempo of the tracks struck a chord with many clubbers who loved it and bought it in their droves. Quite unmarketable in general, a few remixes followed with jazzier flourishes and a female vocal (well, one with actual lyrics) to prolong it’s staying power.

Not the most convincing sounding orgasm after Raze’s Break For Love had already ploughed that groove, but enough to annoy anyone over the age of 30. I think we were tuned to safe old Radio Scotland after that.

Following this, Lil’ Louis scheduled the earlier track Blackout along with a new one, I Called U on the A Side. For some reason I seem to remember Record Mirror despised Blackout, although it was definately more a club orientated track than the deadpan stalkerism of I Called U was.

The accompanying album “From The Mind Of Lil Louis” went a bit too far into the jazzier sounds for my liking, but a remix of one track does stand out, the Luv Bug remix of Nyce and Slo.

Search ebay for Lil’ Louis.

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