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From 1988, Renegade Soundwave’s The Phantom. One of the most influencial pieces of music you’ve never heard before, remixed by one of the least appreciated musicians, namely Holger Hiller. Eagle eared listeners might recognise a Clash sample in this.

The daytime persona was all a bit Comedy Cockney, but the flipside of this produced some absolutely deadly bass destroying beats, such as the remixes of Biting My Nails.


Biting My Nails makes use of the Knock On Wood guitar sample I previously mentioned.

Also, Ozone Breakdown makes use of the same sample that Roxanne Shante’s Live On Stage does. Not the “The Warriors” one from the beginning, the bedededeewoo ehuheh guitar.

The band were remixed by those who should probably be considered as bands inspired by their sound, or at the very least contemporaries, but Renegade Soundwave never did find the acclaim they deserved. Things like Probably a Robbery and Can’t Get Used To Losing You didn’t really help, to be honest. Bands such as the Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers found the same groove a few years later once it had been properly matured.

Brixton(Sabres of Paradise remix).

Renegade Soundwave(Leftfield Dub).

A few years later, the Phantom was remixed and released under the Subsonic Legacy moniker.

Versions Excursions:

The Phantom(Subsonic Legacy vs Dreadzone)

The Phantom(PFN vs. The Light)

Renegade Soundwave on ebay.

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