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Initially notable for the Club remix of Happy Mondays – Hallelujah with Paul Oakenfold, Andrew Weatherall went on to turn the junior Stones sound of Primal Scream’s I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have into the dub influenced student anthem Loaded.

Continuing in this theme for a couple of year, Andrew Weatherall turned out a number of remixes for a diverse set of artists, such as S’Express, James, Deep Joy, Sly & Lovechild, The Grid, Saint Etienne, Love Corporation, The Orb & New Order, That Petrol Emotion, etcetera before forming the Sabres of Paradise with Jagz Kooner & Gary Burns previously of The Aloof.

The Sabres of Paradise recorded two and half albums for Warp, the third being a retread of the first and including another version of Primal Scream’s “Dont Fight It, Feel It” under the alias “Still Fighting”.

Sabresonic II contains one of my most favourite remixes of anything, the David Holmes remix of Smokebelch II. I’ll further cover David Holmes at another time.


The Sabres of Paradise – Smokebelch II (David Holmes remix)

As The Sabres of Paradise, the band produced a number of remixes for many artists, in this case Björk was one of the more notable due to her ongoing reinvention as a serious artist and not just Einar’s “How Much Is That Fish” foil from the Sugarcubes. The following remix of One Day is more interesting when compared to it’s companion, the slow, juddering Endorphin remix which is available on The Best Mixes From The Album “Debut” For All The People Who Don’t Buy White Labels compilation.

Bj̦rk РOne Day (Sabres of Paradise Adrenaline remix)

As part of their own output, many of the Sabres tracks were further available remixed by other artists such as the Chemical Brothers, Depth Charge, Portishead, LFO & Nightmares On Wax. Of these, The Underdog remix of The Theme is a particular favourite.

The Theme (Sabres vs Underdog)

Dissolving the Sabres Of Paradise and further forming Two Lone Swordsmen with Keith Tenniswood, Weatherall went on to record several albums under this moniker for his own label, Emissions and later back with Warp Records. Of this alias, the remix of 1989’s System is a particular favourite.

Force Legato – System (Two Lone Swordsmen remix)

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