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I’ve mentioned Glasgow before, but probably not the musical aspect of it. There were many signifincant Glasgow bands through the years such as the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Badfinger, Teenage Fanclub, Ivor Cutler, Donovan, etc, etc, but I’m going to mention the Slam collective who operated out of the Sub Club presenting Atlantis on a Saturday night. The Sub Club was a great venue, a smoky little underground club that you felt honoured to travel down the stairs into. It’s probably been considerable remodelled since then as it was kind of a fire trap, and after there was an actual fire the layout was probably rethought a bit.

Anyway, Slam Atlantis was a great night out. Always busy, full of friendly people with open arms and a cheeky wee half for you if you were on the lookout. One of my most memorable nights was Darren Emerson of Underworld playing, it was a night of dancing without moving from the dancefloor for hours. I could have sworn Cowgirl lasted forever. Looking back on various Underworld tracks and remixes, it probably did last for ages as a result of excessive editing and jiggerypokery.

I did play behind the decks once or twice, the first time as a spinoff from a night I was involved in elsewhere that went well. The second wasn’t good as the guy responsible for promotion decided not to bother and thought he could ride the crest of good vibes preferring to spend the money earned on his cheating girlfriend instead. Five people came that night.

Slam – Positive Education(Derrick Carter remix)

One Dove – White Love(Slam remix)

Jean Michel-Jarre – Chronologies Part 6(Slam remix 1)

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