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Finitribe were an Edinburgh band, originally somewhat of an agit-prop group sampling Foghorn Leghorn and rallying against McDonalds and corporate culture.

After the UK was soaked in MDMA in the late 80s, the band mellowed into more of a dance oriented group building tracks that were aimed at the feet. Signed to One Little Indian, they released several 12 inches that were good on the dancefloor, but despite remixes from folk such as Youth, Andrew Weatherall, Justin Robertson & Steve Osbourne they never approached the critical success they really needed to pass in the public eye.

The album An Unexpected Groovy Treat soon followed, but short of hovering around the edge of the album charts it didn’t really pick up the sales it should have. A second album for One Little Indian, Sheigra, followed but again it didn’t do much to keep them around.

Supposedly feeling let down by One Little Indian’s marketing(or possibly just let go), they released a 12″ with new versions of Monster In The House/101 on their own label Finiflex.

To this day, Finiflex exists as a modern recording studio in Edinburgh with various clients making use of the facilities.

Finitribe – Animal Farm

Finitribe – Electrolux

Finitribe – De Testimony

Finitribe – The Bells

Finitribe – Monster In The House(Built In Monster)

Finitribe – Make It Internal(Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush)

Finitribe – 101(Sonic Shuffle)

Finitribe – Monster In The House(Catch The Whistle)

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