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My feet were in Trainspotting. Back when the movie was being filmed, the scene in the nightclub was filmed in the long gone Volcano club in Glasgow which was replaced with flats 10 years or so ago. During the movie there is a scene with Bedrock featuring KYO -For What You Dream Of, and this was filmed on a warm Tuesday afternoon in Partick which I was attending as an extra somehow. If I remember correctly, I have on purple Docs with yellow laces, but I’d have to go through the scene frame by frame to be sure. I was certain I could see my feet during the movie. It may well have been an hallucination.

Reading through some stuff on Amazon about this indicates that the Volcano scene is an homage to A Clockwork Orange with the same writing on the wall as features in the Korova Milk Bar, and that the scene features the song Temptation by Heaven 17 who took their name from the same movie.

Underworld – Cowgirl(Bedrock remix).

Heaven 17 – Temptation(Rhythm Masters vocal remix).

John Digweed at Amazon.

Underworld at Amazon.

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