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Is there a list of list songs anywhere? I’d have though wikipedia would have that sewn up, but I don’t seem able to find such a thing. So far, I can think of the following.

The Beloved – Hello
Big Hard Excellent Fish – The Imperfect List
Billy Joel – We Didn’t Start The Fire
R.E.M. – End of the World
Bob Dylan – Subterranean Homesick Blues
INXS – Mediate



Been kind of busy as my son was born the day after the last post. Back to the usual glacial pace in June.

A Lesson Learned

This is a mostly complete list of samples used in The Lesson, a remix of GLOBE & Whiz-Kid’s Play That Beat Mr. DJ from 1983. It was remixed by Double Dee & Steinski and further information about can be found at the following urls.

Double Dee and Steinski at wikipedia.

The Lesson resurfaces on the Internet.

The history of The Lesson.

“Now We Come To The Payoff”. – Alex Dreier was a Chicago based radio & TV announcer. The excerpt originates from a sales training LP called “Power Closing Techniques.”

“Three Two One” – NASA – “Countdown”

Drum Break,”One for the treble, two for the bass” – Davy DMX – “One For The Treble”

“Soul Power!” – James Brown – “Soul Power(Live)”

“It’s the Join” – Funky 4 + 1 – “That’s the Joint”

“Move it, Rap on it.” – Dr. Saint, from a record of the final seance attempting to reach Harry Houdini in the spirit world. The actual words are “Move it! Rap on it!” as exhortations to Houdini’s spirit to manifest itself by moving and rapping knuckles on a table.

Bongo break – The Incredible Bongo Band – Apache

“Cheryl, Do You Like The World Famous Supreme Team?” – Malcolm McLaren – D’Ya Like Scratchin’?

“Check This Out” – Malcolm McLaren’s World Famous Supreme Team – “World Famous”.

Culture Club – “I’ll Tumble 4 Ya”

“Wap bap balloobaa” – Little Richard – “Tutti Frutti”

“Bow diddy bow” – Lovebug Starski – “Starski Live At The Disco Fever”

Betty White’s Square Dancing Instruction – “Heel Toe Heel Toe”

Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca – “Played it for her, you can play it for me”

Rhythm – Herbie Hancock – “Rockit”

“Wah” – Malcolm McLaren – “Buffalo Gals”

“Rock it, don’t stop it” – Afrika Bambaata & The Soulsonic Force – “Planet Rock!”

The Supremes – “Stop In The Name Of Love”

Chic’s “Good Times”

“Flash One Time” – Grandmaster Flash – “Freedom”

“New York is Red Hot” – Bohannon – “Take The Country To NY City”

Herman Kelly & Life – “Dance To The Drummer’s Beat”

“Feeling Real Good Baby”,”Everybody’s dancing and we’re having a real good time” – NYC Peech Boys – “Don’t Make Me Wait” (Acapella)

“I can do it in the mix” – Indeep – “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life”

“Say children, what does it all mean?” – Fiorello LaGuardia, Mayor of New York from 1934 – 1945. This excerpt comes a recording of LaGuardia reading Dick Tracy.

“And now, Heeeeeeeere’s Johnny!” from an LP of old Johnny Carson show excerpts.

I’ll update with samples over the next few days, and if there are any glaring mistakes please let me know.

Orbital were purveyors of the finest in Bald Man techno from 1989 onwards. Chime was written in a bedroom while the Brothers Hartnoll held down jobs in a chip shop to fund a bleep habit. After 15 years the band spilt, with Paul & Phil going on to do their own things, although to this day there hasn’t been much in the way on output so far, although the Orbital webiste loopz states there will be something soon from Long Range.

Chime on Top of The Pops was one of those “what the hell?” moments that ridiculed the no live performances rule that was in place at the time for the show. Watching two bald men pressing buttons really wasn’t all that interesting, and many similar performances led to dancers being pushed to the fore to allow the cameramen close up shots of their breasts in the long standing Top of the Pops tradition. Another particularly memorable band for this was 808 State performing Cübik.

By all accounts it seems that they broadened their act and took up the live band performance mantle, as later live performances of Satan, Chime & The Girl With The Sun In Her Hair are particularly popular versions. Additionally, the live version of Halcyon includes samples of Bon Jovi and Belinda Carlisle in a wonderful act of sampling.

It’s a band I regret not getting the chance to see, but I never had any desire to go to a festival and they were never in my neighbourhood. Also, it’s kind of unfair to select just a few tracks from their output, as the width of their sound can’t really be bottled so easily. The following tracks are more on the obscure side of things as opposed to those that are particularly notable, but you can hang out at Amazon for the easier to find ones.

If you only listen to one track, make it the Rhyme & Reason remix of Satan. It’s, erm, pretty special.

Orbital – Chime(JZJ Oh Ya remix)

Orbital – Satan(Rhyme and Reason)

Orbital – Midnight(Sasha remix)

Orbital – Lush 3-3(Underworld remix)

I’ve mentioned Glasgow before, but probably not the musical aspect of it. There were many signifincant Glasgow bands through the years such as the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Badfinger, Teenage Fanclub, Ivor Cutler, Donovan, etc, etc, but I’m going to mention the Slam collective who operated out of the Sub Club presenting Atlantis on a Saturday night. The Sub Club was a great venue, a smoky little underground club that you felt honoured to travel down the stairs into. It’s probably been considerable remodelled since then as it was kind of a fire trap, and after there was an actual fire the layout was probably rethought a bit.

Anyway, Slam Atlantis was a great night out. Always busy, full of friendly people with open arms and a cheeky wee half for you if you were on the lookout. One of my most memorable nights was Darren Emerson of Underworld playing, it was a night of dancing without moving from the dancefloor for hours. I could have sworn Cowgirl lasted forever. Looking back on various Underworld tracks and remixes, it probably did last for ages as a result of excessive editing and jiggerypokery.

I did play behind the decks once or twice, the first time as a spinoff from a night I was involved in elsewhere that went well. The second wasn’t good as the guy responsible for promotion decided not to bother and thought he could ride the crest of good vibes preferring to spend the money earned on his cheating girlfriend instead. Five people came that night.

Slam – Positive Education(Derrick Carter remix)

One Dove – White Love(Slam remix)

Jean Michel-Jarre – Chronologies Part 6(Slam remix 1)

Finitribe were an Edinburgh band, originally somewhat of an agit-prop group sampling Foghorn Leghorn and rallying against McDonalds and corporate culture.

After the UK was soaked in MDMA in the late 80s, the band mellowed into more of a dance oriented group building tracks that were aimed at the feet. Signed to One Little Indian, they released several 12 inches that were good on the dancefloor, but despite remixes from folk such as Youth, Andrew Weatherall, Justin Robertson & Steve Osbourne they never approached the critical success they really needed to pass in the public eye.

The album An Unexpected Groovy Treat soon followed, but short of hovering around the edge of the album charts it didn’t really pick up the sales it should have. A second album for One Little Indian, Sheigra, followed but again it didn’t do much to keep them around.

Supposedly feeling let down by One Little Indian’s marketing(or possibly just let go), they released a 12″ with new versions of Monster In The House/101 on their own label Finiflex.

To this day, Finiflex exists as a modern recording studio in Edinburgh with various clients making use of the facilities.

Finitribe – Animal Farm

Finitribe – Electrolux

Finitribe – De Testimony

Finitribe – The Bells

Finitribe – Monster In The House(Built In Monster)

Finitribe – Make It Internal(Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush)

Finitribe – 101(Sonic Shuffle)

Finitribe – Monster In The House(Catch The Whistle)

Buy Finitribe items at Amazon.

Scooby Snacks

My feet were in Trainspotting. Back when the movie was being filmed, the scene in the nightclub was filmed in the long gone Volcano club in Glasgow which was replaced with flats 10 years or so ago. During the movie there is a scene with Bedrock featuring KYO -For What You Dream Of, and this was filmed on a warm Tuesday afternoon in Partick which I was attending as an extra somehow. If I remember correctly, I have on purple Docs with yellow laces, but I’d have to go through the scene frame by frame to be sure. I was certain I could see my feet during the movie. It may well have been an hallucination.

Reading through some stuff on Amazon about this indicates that the Volcano scene is an homage to A Clockwork Orange with the same writing on the wall as features in the Korova Milk Bar, and that the scene features the song Temptation by Heaven 17 who took their name from the same movie.

Underworld – Cowgirl(Bedrock remix).

Heaven 17 – Temptation(Rhythm Masters vocal remix).

John Digweed at Amazon.

Underworld at Amazon.