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Gerald Simpson was one time a member of Hit Squad Manchester, a band who went on to have a hit with a track called Pacific(State). The problem was, they didn’t originally write it, but took credit for doing so.

808 State – Pacific 909(Mellow Bird Mega Edit & Bonus Bird Beats). This version is actually two mixes in one, but the original 12″ ran on.

Not long afterwards, Gerald re-recorded the track as Specific Hate, and also remixed the answering machine messages from 808 State into I Can’t Wait No More as bonus tracks on the Derrick May remixed FX remix 12″.

Specific Hate

I Can’t Wait No More

Also, Gerald supposedly had the belief that Voodoo Ray was cursed, although he did remake a version of it for his Black Secret Technology album. The track has subsequently been removed from later pressings. Some time after this, the original track was re-released and attributed to the female vocalist, Lisa May. Below are Voodoo Rage from the aforementioned album and a François Kevorkian remix of The Curse of Voodoo Ray.

Voodoo Rage

The Curse of Voodoo Ray

The sampled vocals are provided by Derek & Clive, aka Peter Cook & Dudley Moore. Peter supplies the “Voodoo Rage” part at 7 minutes 37 seconds and “Later!” is from Dud at 7 minutes 11 seconds. Both phrases originate from the Bo Duddely routine on the Derek and Clive Live album.

Derek and Clive – Bo Duddley

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