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I lived in Glasgow, There was a set of traffic bollards that stick in my mind that acted as a border between Glasgow and the unreal world of Paisley and the surrounding area. I had a couple of friends that attended the local school and spent some time pursuing girls from there. I had a particularly enjoyable friendship with one that eventually fell apart due to misunderstandings, but that isn’t for here or now.

We were friends for a while, but lost touch for some time until we met again. The context was a midnight cricket match for charity or something equally bizarre for somewhere as deadly as Paisley where the midnight Taxi lane outside the Railway station is somewhere that you could get stabbed for skipping the queue.

The mists of time may have clouded my memories, but I was fairly sure her love interest at the time was one David McDonald. A young man who has gone on to better things since then as an actor with a surname from an ex-editor of Smash Hits, while I languish in Switzerland with my white cat and black chair.

When back in Glasgow a few years ago, I passed the Billboard outside the library in which I spent much of my time to be greeted by a huge poster for the BBC adaptation of Casanova. It’s slightly humbling to see someone who might have been a rival for the emotions of a girl towering over you. Especially when he is 20 foot tall and dressed as history’s greatest lover.

Saint Etienne – I’m Too Sexy origintes from the Fred EP, a charity single for the Terrence Higgins trust.

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