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Rolf Harris – Sun Arise(808 State remix). I thought the above was a joke or similar, and was kind of surprised to find out it did exist.

John Peel is dead. Douglas Adams is dead. Tharg is still around, but not exactly real. He loses points for the Men In Black fiasco though. Tom Baker went through something of a bellowing Blessed phase post Doctor although he seems to have calmed down a bit as evidenced in the Randall & Hopkirk remake. Rolf is still around, and it’s gratifying seeing him doing something that he loves even if I hated the Rolfaroos.

Rolf to me is synonymous with the Stylophone, an instrument with a sound as distinctive as a Moog and a coveted item among my peers when I was in Primary School. I was kind of disappointed to find he wasn’t actually the inventor of said item, but that would have been too much awesomeness for one person to be honest. For those of you outside of the UK, the sound is probably most known from the Orbital track – Style. If not, there’s a flash Stylophone here for you to play with. I don’t know who is originally responsible for this, so if it’s yours and you want me to remove it please let me know.

This sound still resonates with me to this day, although I think the Doctor Who storyline “The Sea Devils” had a huge influence on my musical tastes. Pretty much all of the early 70s Doctor Who stories had demented music, and I was delighted to find that the Twilight world of the most recent Legend of Zelda had similar music. Shame about the rest of the game really.

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