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Now, that’s a modern dance

Gerald Simpson was one time a member of Hit Squad Manchester, a band who went on to have a hit with a track called Pacific(State). The problem was, they didn’t originally write it, but took credit for doing so.

808 State – Pacific 909(Mellow Bird Mega Edit & Bonus Bird Beats). This version is actually two mixes in one, but the original 12″ ran on.

Not long afterwards, Gerald re-recorded the track as Specific Hate, and also remixed the answering machine messages from 808 State into I Can’t Wait No More as bonus tracks on the Derrick May remixed FX remix 12″.

Specific Hate

I Can’t Wait No More

Also, Gerald supposedly had the belief that Voodoo Ray was cursed, although he did remake a version of it for his Black Secret Technology album. The track has subsequently been removed from later pressings. Some time after this, the original track was re-released and attributed to the female vocalist, Lisa May. Below are Voodoo Rage from the aforementioned album and a François Kevorkian remix of The Curse of Voodoo Ray.

Voodoo Rage

The Curse of Voodoo Ray

The sampled vocals are provided by Derek & Clive, aka Peter Cook & Dudley Moore. Peter supplies the “Voodoo Rage” part at 7 minutes 37 seconds and “Later!” is from Dud at 7 minutes 11 seconds. Both phrases originate from the Bo Duddely routine on the Derek and Clive Live album.

Derek and Clive – Bo Duddley

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Too shaky for my Stevens

I lived in Glasgow, There was a set of traffic bollards that stick in my mind that acted as a border between Glasgow and the unreal world of Paisley and the surrounding area. I had a couple of friends that attended the local school and spent some time pursuing girls from there. I had a particularly enjoyable friendship with one that eventually fell apart due to misunderstandings, but that isn’t for here or now.

We were friends for a while, but lost touch for some time until we met again. The context was a midnight cricket match for charity or something equally bizarre for somewhere as deadly as Paisley where the midnight Taxi lane outside the Railway station is somewhere that you could get stabbed for skipping the queue.

The mists of time may have clouded my memories, but I was fairly sure her love interest at the time was one David McDonald. A young man who has gone on to better things since then as an actor with a surname from an ex-editor of Smash Hits, while I languish in Switzerland with my white cat and black chair.

When back in Glasgow a few years ago, I passed the Billboard outside the library in which I spent much of my time to be greeted by a huge poster for the BBC adaptation of Casanova. It’s slightly humbling to see someone who might have been a rival for the emotions of a girl towering over you. Especially when he is 20 foot tall and dressed as history’s greatest lover.

Saint Etienne – I’m Too Sexy origintes from the Fred EP, a charity single for the Terrence Higgins trust.

Jesus was Batman

Rolf Harris – Sun Arise(808 State remix). I thought the above was a joke or similar, and was kind of surprised to find out it did exist.

John Peel is dead. Douglas Adams is dead. Tharg is still around, but not exactly real. He loses points for the Men In Black fiasco though. Tom Baker went through something of a bellowing Blessed phase post Doctor although he seems to have calmed down a bit as evidenced in the Randall & Hopkirk remake. Rolf is still around, and it’s gratifying seeing him doing something that he loves even if I hated the Rolfaroos.

Rolf to me is synonymous with the Stylophone, an instrument with a sound as distinctive as a Moog and a coveted item among my peers when I was in Primary School. I was kind of disappointed to find he wasn’t actually the inventor of said item, but that would have been too much awesomeness for one person to be honest. For those of you outside of the UK, the sound is probably most known from the Orbital track – Style. If not, there’s a flash Stylophone here for you to play with. I don’t know who is originally responsible for this, so if it’s yours and you want me to remove it please let me know.

This sound still resonates with me to this day, although I think the Doctor Who storyline “The Sea Devils” had a huge influence on my musical tastes. Pretty much all of the early 70s Doctor Who stories had demented music, and I was delighted to find that the Twilight world of the most recent Legend of Zelda had similar music. Shame about the rest of the game really.

The Purple One

World of Twist were pioneering in their sound, yet never did find the limelight they so deserved. They were criminally overlooked in favour of bands hovering on the edge of novelty such as Northside. Sweets is perhaps more representative overall, but this cover of Shes a Rainbow is such a happy track. Also, I’m a big fan of Fluke and if you linger here for any time you’ll probably find more of their stuff.

As to World of Twist, this site is worth a look. If for nothing other than the Rarities link.

World of Twist – Shes a Rainbow(Fluke Yellow remix).

April Full

Right, back to work. I’ve been sorting out my mp3s, and I’m ready to start posting some of the harder to find items. First up, Hawkwind and Samantha Fox – Gimme Shelter.

I don’t think anyone would grudge me copypasting from something I wrote for wikipedia, so here you go:

In 1993 a Food Records project collected various versions of the track by the following bands and collaborations, the proceeds of which went to the Shelter charity’s “Putting Our House In Order” homeless initiative. The versions were issued across various formats, and had a live version of the song by the Rolling Stones as a common lead track to ensure chart eligibility.

Gimme Shelter(Pop version – Cassette Single)

* Voice of the Beehive and Jimmy Somerville
* Heaven 17 and Hannah Jones

Gimme Shelter(Alternative version – CD Single)

* New Model Army and Tom Jones
* Cud and Sandie Shaw
* Kingmaker

Gimme Shelter(Rock Version – CD Single)

* Thunder
* Little Angels
* Hawkwind and Samantha Fox

Gimme Shelter(Dance Version – 12″ Single)

* 808 State and Robert Owens
* Pop Will Eat Itself vs Gary Clail vs Ranking Roger vs The Mighty Diamonds vs The On U Sound System
* Blue Pearl (produced and mixed by Utah Saints)