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I seem to be finding it quite a struggle to play a game to completion these days. I finished Zelda last night, and by that I mean that I completed the main quest beating you know who at the end.

It was a real chore to finish it, the final tier of boss fights had an above average count of cheating. In particular the one where you need to bounce the ball of light back to the thrower was bad, suffering from odd physics. I’m not sure if it was quite as frustrating as the arrow bounce from the Wind Waker boss, but it was certainly comparable. At least the Wind Waker final boss fight was fairly succinct. Looking back on it, my opinion of Twilight Princess is that it was an odd mix of a traditional Zelda(if there is indeed such a thing), and a design methodology that suits the Wii but not really the Gamecube. It was frustrating to have only 2 items available at any time, even the Ocarina of Time had three slots.

I had fun with it, but I’m not sure if I really enjoyed it or just put up with it because it was the last thing I’d play on the Gamecube. The Stallord boss fight on the spinner was top notch though.

Final Score : A mono, tinny sounding Super Mario Bros speaker without batteries.

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