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The Human League – Being Boiled

Vitalic covered The Normal’s Warm Leatherette. Warm Leatherette features as part of a bootleg mix in the Girls on Top series by Richard X along with the Human League.

I don’t watch much TV, I kind of like it on in the background while I’m messing around on the computer or playing something on the DS/PSP. For most of my life, I’ve used a TV primarily as a monitor.

I’ve destroyed a few TVs in my time. My first widescreen TV was screwed when I plugged an RGB scart into an NTSC gamecube, but my worst experience was strangely prophetic.

But we can rewind to a time before that. My first hack was interrupting a copy of mosquito for the Vic20 and poking the background colour register to avoid black borders because the crappy TV from Makro didn’t like anything with a black background/white area.

The TV was on in the background while I was reading or smoking blunts* or something, and I happened to look up. Cypress Hill were on. I had a Cypress Hill slipmat, I may well still have it somewhere.

I looked up to see the accusatory rapper. He said to me, “When the shit goes down, you better be ready.”. And then he blew up my TV.

* my first blunt was only a few years ago. I had never tried it as we never really had enough grass to do so. One evening I had some cigarillos lying around and some weed from the duftsackli store. I excavated the tobacco from the cigarillo and filled it with grass.

I smoked a tiny piece of this, and put it down as soon as I realised that I was thourougly enjoying the Antiques Roadshow.

Then my father phoned. It was probably the most awkward exchange since he brought me the Chess Set he made and gave me the God talk while I was strung out on buckets.

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