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Vitalic – Warm Leatherette

Vitalic – La Rock 01 is also featured on the 2 Many DJs album. I said some links might be tenuous.

I’ve never learned to drive. I tried a few times with my father, my brother and my wife. I don’t get the wheel as an interface to moving the big metal box forward. I’ve been playing computer and video games since before you were born and tend towards an interface that’s disconnected from the wheel ideal.

Some of my most cherished experiences are sitting staring at a monitor or a TV with composite hookup. The time I never went into Space, I had spent the small hours of the morning flying slingshots around the Sun thanks to David Braben.

Back to driving. My first car was 8 bits on a Vic-20 and theres a possibility that I typed it in myself. When the Yaris comes equipped with a Dual Shock, I’ll pass my driving test in seconds. Until then, I’ll prove to be a virtual menace to society thanks to Roadblasters and it’s idealism of shooting everyone else on the road.

If only I’d lived in the USA, I’d have had one of those T-Shirts for a high score.

Thinking about this post has led me to playing the Perils of Willy, a Vic 20 spinoff of Manic Miner/Jet Set Willy that I used to have a poster for in my bedroom many years ago. I was never able to play it as it required either the 8 or 16Kb expansion. I think it must have been the 16Kb one as I remember someone I knew had the 8Kb and could play Happy Shopper, but not this.

Having spent about 90 seconds playing the game, it’s surprising how bad the collision detection is. The sprites overlap, but don’t quite trigger. I can only wonder how amazingly tolerant I was of playing the exact same level again and again after 10 minutes loading compared to the me of today that’s bored if I can’t find what I’m looking for after 3 clicks.

I’m not sure it’s really my fault these days. Everyone feels entitled to everything.

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