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Skee-Lo – I Wish. Skee Lo’s I Wish is included on the As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2 album, mixed into The Breeder’s Cannonball.

The term Mashup is such a horrible expression. When I were a lad, we had dodgy Italian bootlegs of pretty much anything in the charts. These were subtly(and not so subtly altered *bonus download of Edie Brickell*), yet bringing this fact up to those in the mashup scene only garnered me disdain as it didn’t fit their exactly measured ideals of what a mashup is or was.

Anonymous Italian wasn’t going to steal any crown from the Evolutionary Control Committee as far as ba5tardp0pk1ng505 was concerned, even though The Lesson is really where mashups began. If you’re not familiar with it, Waxy’s got you covered.

Yeah, that’s really something, isn’t it?

As to remixes themselves, very few folk know where it originated. Very few folk care.

Looking beyond the experimentalism of Terry Riley and Steve Reich, the man with the vision was Tom Moulton.

I’ll visit some of the tracks/artists alluded to in the future, but I want to hint as to where I’m going because it’s also where I’m coming from.

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